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If you are willing to live a healthy and peaceful life, you must keep yourself away from the pests. Because they are carriers of a lot of deadly and scary diseases. Moreover, their dirty droppings, foul smell and annoying nature irritates a lot. So, make a step to live a healthy and peaceful life and get rid of pests as soon as possible. Call Henry Pest Control at 07 2000 4287 to get the best assistance for your pest control needs. 

Pests can irritate you in numerous ways and can make your life as hell. So, here we are to take revenge for you. We have numerous pest control services to offer which are listed below.

pest control coolum beach

Mosquito Pest Control

It’s better to keep away from malaria and dengue. So, avoid contact with mosquitoes. Call us now to get a mosquito treatment.

Wasp Pest Control

Wasps buzz sound can make fuss in your life. So it is best to avoid it by avoiding wasps. Get professional help from us.

Woodworm Treatments

No one would like to see their furniture eaten by woodworms. If you don’t too, then call us to get woodworm treatment at your doorstep.

Fly Pest Control

Flies are the garbage collectors of pathogens and bacterias. They collect them and dispose of them in houses which can be very dangerous. Get a flea treatment from us soon to avoid treatment from the doctor.

Flying Termite Control

Termites are siblings of woodworms and follow them by eating wood and walls. So protect your walls from them, call us soon to get expert service.

Cockroach Removal

Cockroaches are one of the main reasons for asthma triggers, most of them are untreatable. Therefore, treat cockroaches with our help before you get any diseases because of them.

Spider Removal

Spiders are not good for you. Therefore, professionals suggest to take service from as soon as possible to treat spiders.

Domestic Pest Control

Pests are a huge risk for children at home. Therefore, get a domestic pest control service from us to get rid of these creatures.

Restaurant Pest Control

Too many people have their meal at restaurants, but if it’s infected by pests, it may lead to severe food poisoning. Therefore, it’s better to get a restaurant pest control service from us.

Tick Extermination

Ticks suck blood from humans and their pets and lead to various allergies to them. So, prevent yourself from them, get our help soon.

Moth Pest Control

Moths have morphology like butterflies but are not good like it. They irritate a lot by roaming around the bright walls of the house. Therefore, get a precise and long lasting treatment by hiring us.

Bee Pest Control

Bees are good when they give honey but are bad as much when they bite. So, it’s better to stay away from them, call us for safe and secure treatment of bees.

Rodent Control

Rodents are annoying pests and can lead to heavy loss in many ways. So get rid of rodents before they do something wrong to you, call us for help.

Flea Control

Fleas carry a lot of diseases with them because they are mostly found in sewer regions. Therefore, get flea treatment as soon as possible to be safe and secure.

Silverfish Control

Silverfishes are not good to have at your house as they tear your clothes and bedsheets. So, get a silverfish treatment today.

Pre-purchase Pest Inspection

Pre purchase pest inspection is the best option to have as you get the privilege to block all the possible factors which lead to pest infestations.

Same Day Pest Control

Our company provides same day pest control services for your clients across Coolum Beach.

Why Do You Need Expert Pest Control Services?

Pests are small in size and have a creepy nature as they do not leave any place easily. And due to their small size it is too hard to follow them and get to know the root cause of the pest infestation. Therefore, you must always hire an expert for these processes because only professional hands can execute these services perfectly. Also, professionals like us use time saving techniques to get you rid of these dangerous pests.

Emergency Pest Control Service

Pest infestations are too dangerous and frustrating to have at home because they can lead to a lot of diseases and they hinder well state of mind. Therefore, in case of severe pest infestations, your only requirement should be prior pest control. And that’s what we Henry Pest Control provide for the people of Coolum Beach. Our motto is to provide you quality services priorly within a short period of time. 

Advantages Of Choosing Us

To get the best and reliable services you must go for the most experienced, passionate and skilled pest control service providers in Coolum Beach. And that is what Henry Pest Control is.

  • We have been providing our services for 20 years.
  • Our servicemen are capable of handling almost every pest situation.
  • We provide emergency services and are available 24*7.
  • Same day services are also available for the local customers.
  • All our services are available for reasonable rates.
  • We use safe and effective methods and solutions.


1. What is the estimated duration of pest control?

The duration of pest control depends on the services you want to have as we provide a large variety of services. Still you will get your services done within a short period of time.

2. Do I need to clean home after pest control?

No, you don’t need to. Because our servicemen sanitize the entire area after the pest control.

3. Will all mosquitoes die after pest control?

We assure you that you won’t see mosquitoes for a longtime at your place where we did pest control.

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