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What is pest control and why is it important? 

Pests are harmful animals at your home and other premises. Professional pest control has 3 principles. Firstly, suppression of pests. Secondly, it is prevention of these pests. Lastly, eradication of pests at home. Considering a professional pest control is a great option. Therefore, regular pest inspection and controlling should be done. Also both at your homes and in your gardens. Thus, it becomes more necessary if you have pets at your home. Call you local pest control if you suspect pest infestations.


Affordable pest controller  

Hiring a professional pest control service is an important step for a safer home. Therefore, Henry Pest Control is a reliable pest control company. Also we have been providing pest control prevention and control services in Currimundi for years. Maybe it’s a garden rat or a cockroach infestation, we have it all covered. Above all our services are at great affordable options. In short we won’t let you down. Call our customer service to get your first affordable quote. 

Motives to choose us for best services in Currimundi 

Our company is a leading company in pest control services. Also, we provide control and preventive measures for all kinds of pests. From ants, cockroaches to rats and spiders. Every pest needs to be handled differently. Here are the reasons to choose us: 

  1. Pet friendly pesticides – Our company cares about the negative impact on our environment. Thus, we always use eco-friendly pesticides. Also pet-friendly chemicals. 
  2. Experience in the field – We have 20 years of experience in pest control. Therefore, we are a leading pest control service provider in Currimundi. You can trust us on that. 
  3. Positive customer reviews – With such great experience, we have positive customer reviews. Our customers give feedback and we appreciate it. We are always working on giving better services to you. 
  4. Affordable quotation – Yes, along with quality services, our company offers affordable pricing. So, don’t wait for long. Call us to get a pest-free home today. 

Affordable services provided by us  

Cockroach removal

Cockroaches can be removed using intense pesticides. They can bring in unwanted contamination. Therefore, it becomes necessary to get rid of them. 

Mosquito pest control

Mosquitoes are common buzzing insects. They are very troublesome. They bite and don’t let you sleep in the night. Therefore, trust us to exterminate them. 

Silverfish control

Silverfish are very tiny pests. They are crawling insects. You can’t control them on your own. Thus, get professional help for silverfish infestation

Wasp pest control

Wasps are found in deserted areas. They can cause disturbance in homes. Also they build their homes in small cracks or holes. 

Bee pest control

Suspecting a bee infestation? Call your local pest control service. It is advised to stay away during the extermination. 

Spider removal

Removal of spiders is not that hard. We just need to end the existing ones. And also remove all eggs and cobwebs. 

Domestic pest control

For a clean and peaceful household, consider getting pest control every month. We provide cost-friendly options. 

Moth pest control

To exterminate moths, we use barriers and pesticides.

Flea control

Fleas don’t have wings. They are very tiny and they jump around. Mostly found in blankets and pets.


Tick extermination

Is your pet biting a lot lately? Hurry up and call an inspection team. They will exterminate possible ticks. Furthermore will control too.

Rodent control

You must have spotted rats and mice very often at home. A rodent infestation can be very unpleasant. Thus get it treated as soon as possible. 

Restaurant pest control

We provide amazing packages for restaurants. Book your quotation today. 

Woodworm treatments

Treat wood worms at your premises by professional help. We will also get rid of all the damaged wood. 

Fly pest control

Tiny flies keep buzzing around at homes. Thus keep those flies away by booking your appointment today. 

Flying termite control

Suppress and control the breeding flying termites at your home. Consider our services and prevent further wood damage. 

Why is Monthly Pest Control Necessary? 

A monthly pest control is an important step when it comes to safety. We all care about our families. The harm that pests can cause at your home can give shivers down your spine. Considering a garden rat can contaminate food, they infect kids at home. Termites can cause expensive damages. Ants can invite more pests at home. Cockroaches can cause deadly diseases. Looking at all these factors it is advised to get a pest control inspection every month. 

Call our customer care to know more about our services and get pest control quotations. 


1. Should I stay out of the house while pest control?

Well the answer is yes. For your safety it’s better to stay out. Again this depends on the type of services performed.

2. Are pest control sprays dangerous? 

This depends on the type of chemicals your pest control company is using. For example, carcinogens are capable of causing cancers. So, it’s better to request eco-friendly pest control sprays.

3. Termites have chewed all the wood in my bed. Can you get rid of it? 

Yes, we can help you get rid of the damaged wood. We can use preventive sprays on the other woods. Therefore, it will prevent further infestation.

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