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Flea Control Brisbane

Has your dog consistently scratching and going crazy? It must be fleas that are biting and irritating your pets. The flea lives in pets fur and sucks their host’s blood for a living. Reach professional flea exterminator for pest control flea treatment as soon as you observe fleas and give relief to your pets.  

Fleas mostly target pets like cats or dogs. Fleas usually don’t bite humans but sometimes they bite humans which can cause irritation, red marks, and infectious disease. Continuously itching and scratching on flea bites lead to skin allergies.

Flea is tiny pests but female fleas are bigger than a male flea. Their sizes help them to hide in pets fur. Fleas are irritating creatures, their bite leads to discomfort and allergic reaction, Immediate flea control is necessary to avoid fleas infestation.

Flea Control Brisbane
Flea Control Brisbane

Flea Bites: Symptoms, Causes & Risks

  • Flea bites can cause discomfort, irritation, and distress in humans. But their bites can actually torture pets. If your pets are consistently scratching and biting their body parts that mean fleas have bitten them and that is the sign of flea infestation.
  • Flea often bites humans and their bites feel itchiness and leave red marks. But it’s hard to identify fly bites because many other insects can also leave bite marks which can be itchy. Scratching constantly on flea bites can cause severe skin allergies and irritation.
  • The flea bites swell less as compared to other insects. Flea bites leave red or brown marks. If you feel or experience any flea bite then you should contact professionals for flea extermination. Henry’s Pest Control Brisbane delivers complete flea treatment and removal from your homes and pets.
Common Types Of Flea In Your Property
Common Types Of Flea In Your Property

Common Types of Flea Species in your Property

  • Cat Flea

    • Fleas that feed cats blood and live in cat fur are called cat flea.
    • Cat flea mostly settle where cat rests like their boxes and basket.
    • Fleas are thick, wingless. They use their thin long legs for jumping.
  • Dog Flea
    • Dog flea lives in and around dog’s fur and feeds their blood. This flea also bites humans.
    • Adult dog fleas are brown. After a meal, they become reddish black.
    • Dog flea differs in size from 1mm to 4mm. Their larvae can measure up to 5mm and have off-white color.

Professionals at Flea Control Brisbane have proper knowledge of various types of fleas and provide the best flea control services. Hire Henrys Pest Control Brisbane to get rid of fleas.

Some Flea Facts Everyone Should Know

  • A flea can bite your cat or dog around 400 times in a day.
  • The flea can be revived after getting frizzed for 12 months.
  • Female fleas are known as hungry pests. In one day, a female flea can eat up to 15times of her body weight.
  • The flea jumps to changes direction. They can jump continuously without stopping up to 30,000 times.
  • Fleas are pretty much deaf and blind.

At Flea Control Brisbane, we are the best option to remove fleas from your property. We can save you and your pets from flea bites. Our controllers are well-trained in handling fleas and use the most advanced treatments to make your house flea-free. And, if you are not getting a good sleep due to bed bugs, call our experts on 07 2104 1982 for reliable bed bugs control service in Brisbane.

Tips to Prevent Fleas From Your Property

It is the best option to prevent fleas rather than treating fleas in difficult conditions. Check your pet’s fur properly to make sure that your house doesn’t have flea infestations.

Here are Some Ways to Prevent Flea Infestations.

  • Cleaning and vacuuming carpets, mattresses, rooms, and upholstery is very necessary to avoid fleas. 
  • Keep your pets trimmed, well-groomed and clean. Use a comb to clean your pet’s fur regularly or consult a veterinary.
  • You can make a spray with some homemade products. Take water and apple cider vinegar and mix them to make a spray. Use this spray on infested pet’s fur which will make the flea jump off. 
  • Use Diatomaceous Earth which is a non-chemical and harmless solution. DE is a useful treatment that kills fleas by destroying and dehydrating their bodies. 

If the above-mentioned treatment doesn’t work or fails, hire professional controllers for better results.

Henrys Pest Control Brisbane reputed company in this field and will give you a pest-free environment. Our team is an expert in flea removal and uses eco-friendly solutions for safe and effective results.

Struggling With Flea Bites? Book Henry’s Pest Control Brisbane

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What are the precautions to be taken to control fleas?

Following are some of the precautions you can take to prevent flea:
– Clean your kitchen and bathroom areas.
– Wash your bedsheets, curtains, and carpets from time to time.
– Maintain hygiene at your home.
– Clean your pets regularly.
– Do not keep your food in an open area. Always cover it.
After taking the above precautions, if a flea has attacked your home then get help from us immediately.

Is dead flea removal also important?

Dead fleas are sometimes more harmful than living ones. So, their removal is of great importance. You can avail of our services for dead flea removal also.

Do you arrange the same day flea control service in Brisbane?

Yes, we arrange the service for same day flea removal for you anytime. We can send our professionals to your given address whenever you need our flea removal services.

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