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Perfect Solution To Get Rid of All Kinds Of Pests At Your Home

Pests are an irritating element in any household, due to their natural tendency to damage concrete and wooden structures, in addition to spreading communicable diseases. If you are on the lookout for ways to get rid of these notorious unwanted guests, our pest control Currumbin Waters solutions at Henry Pest Control should be the perfect solution. 

Our service teams consist of the most well-trained and experienced personnel who provide you with the most efficient and reliable services, designed and customized for your estate.

Why should you hire pest control Services?

The most common source of bewilderment for our first-time customers is the fact that they have severe pest infestations, despite using commercial pesticides. What needs to be clear is that these commercial pesticide solutions and sprays kill the present population of the pests, which is a temporary solution. To remove each and every egg, and the tiniest larvae, you need professional pest exterminators to look after your estate on a regular basis.

Our Pest Control Currumbin Waters team at Henry Pest Control allows you to hire them for preliminary inspections, to investigate your household for any sign of pest infestation. If the diagnosis comes positive, we will arrange for a detailed and proper estimate for the services that your house will need to remove the detected pest colonies.

Services That Will Make Your Home Pest-Free

Our pest control catalogue has several diverse options to provide innovative solutions to any pest-related problem that you might face. The most notable among these services include:

➤ Mosquito pest control

The best way to deal with mosquitos is to use repellents, window meshing, and fish that feed on their larvae.

➤ Wasp pest control

Wasp-killing toxins sprayed on the nests kill wasps quite efficiently.

➤ Woodworm treatments

Vinegar helps in the early stages, while woodworm sprays can cure the most stubborn infestations.

➤ Fly pest control

Electrical cages and Venus flytraps are the best possible solutions.

➤ Flying Termite control

Boric acid, or cedar and rubber mulch are tried and tested methods.

➤ Cockroach removal

Roach sprays can be substituted by boric acid, which is a better solution

➤ Spider removal

Aromatics like lavender, rose, peppermint Oil are the best possible options.

➤ Tick extermination

Tick sprays on your house and your pets are the best option available.

➤ Moth pest control

Natural hunters like wall lizards are the most effective against moths.

➤ Bee pest control

Relocation to beekeeping farms is much more humane than killing entire bee colonies.

➤ Rodent control

Baits, Sprays, Rat traps, and Ultrasonic devices can be used for getting rid of rodents.

➤ Flea control

Chemical sprays and foggers are the best possible solutions, in addition to frequently vacuuming your house.

➤ Silverfish Control

Dry bay leaves often solve the problem, in addition to cedar leaves and silverfish sprays.

We know that it is not easy to follow the above-given things to get rid of pests. In such situations, you can always rely on our pest control team.

What We Do Different As Pest Controllers in Currumbin Waters

➤ Domestic pest control

Our Pest Control Currumbin Waters team is talented at getting rid of stubborn pest colonies from your household.

➤ Restaurant pest control

If your eatery is suffering from recurring pest problems, hiring us might be the best decision that you make.

➤ Pre-purchase pest inspection

At Henry Pest Control, we offer pre-service inspection packages for pest control Currumbin Waters.

Emergency pest control services

In crisis situations, we have a dedicated team of experts who are available on the station around the clock. 

➤ Same day pest control

Our services are timely and prompt, usually taking a mere 24 hours to go from a call to a house visit by our expert team.

Affordable Pest Control Service is the key

Say no to hidden costs, as you are entitled to get the best world-class service options without breaking the bank every time. Keeping this in mind, we have kept our prices the lowest in the region.

Why Hire Us For Pest Control Service?

  • Availability 24*7, 365 days
  • Locally renowned service personnel with a reputation for being the most reliable service providers in town.
  • Timely, prompt, and multi-faceted services with maximum priority for your comfort and safety. 
  • The positive feedback from hundreds of satisfied clients stands as a testament to our reliable service record.


1. For fleas, ticks and bed bugs, why do we need multiple treatments?

They are vulnerable to pest control treatments only at certain stages in their life cycle. Thus, multiple servicing visits might be needed to get them when they are not dormant.

2. When can we start seeing results?

Usually, the results are apparent immediately after service. This can vary with the method used. At Henry Pest Control, we have service warranties, and post-Service Checks to ensure long-term effectiveness.

3. . How to prepare for a pest control service provider visit?

Cover all food items and clear the service area for better accessibility. If there will anything else to do we will inform you well in advance. You do not have to worry much about this thing.

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