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Silverfish Control Brisbane

Silverfish are among the pests that are active at the night. They will jump to chomp almost anything, including paper, book bindings, wallpaper, and clothing, and are commonly found in the basement, attic, kitchen, or bathroom, as well as in storage boxes in garages, food stores, and sheds. They have the capabilities to grow their population large in a short time. So, if you want to keep your house and things safe and away from them, call a professional service provider for Silverfish Control Brisbane.

Silverfish Control Brisbane
Silverfish Control Brisbane

Some Basic Facts About Silverfish

Silverfish Identification

The silverfish can be identified with the help of the following:

  • Colour:

    They have white and lustrous silver colour as their name. 
  • Shape:

    They are shaped like a fish called Channa punctata.
  • Tail:

    They have three antenna-type tails for movement.

Where Do They Live?

They are commonly found in the basement, attic, kitchen or bathroom, as well as in storage boxes in garages, food stores and sheds. Cupboards and wardrobes are also their favourite place.

What Do They Eat?

They will leap to chew almost anything, including food items, paper, book bindings, wallpaper, photo frame and clothing etc. They are more attracted to items which have the presence of starch and carbohydrates.

How Did I Get Silverfish Infestation in My House?

You never know that you can be yourself reason for bringing in silverfish. Besides this, the pile-up of paper and open storage of cloth and food call the silverfish. They can generate themselves inside the house is found in fair conditions for their growth. Other pests at your place can give an invitation to silverfish.

Signs of Silverfish Infestation

If you are seeing these signs, the place is infested with silverfish.

  • If you are seeing alive silverfish at your place that means a group is hiding inside.
  • The droppings of silverfish are different and easily distinguishable so you can look for them.
  • The kind of damage which are specific to silverfish can clarify their infestation.
  • They shed skin which you can find attached with your cloth and that will determine their number.
Professional Silverfish Control Services
Professional Silverfish Control Services

Is This Problem Much Serious?

If you love yourself and your belongings then silverfish infestation is a serious problem. The common problems created by them are:

  • Allergies:

    The presence of silverfish makes your clothing item infected with their droppings and skin shed which can give you allergies. 
  • Attract Other Pests:

    Those pests which feed on silverfish or small insects can get into your house. The waste produced as a result of their chewing also attracts other pests. 
  • Damages:

    If you are having silverfish in your house, damage to your belongings is certain.

Apply Prevention Tips for Silverfish Pest Control

  1. Put all food items, especially carbohydrates and starches, in perfectly sealed containers. This will close their source of food and will be a reason for discouragement for them to get into your house.
  2. Keep your place and its surroundings neat and clean and do not let any other bugs move around. 
  3. Run dehumidifiers to get rid of dampness and humidity. A humid condition is best for the generation and growth of the silverfish. If there will be no supporting environment to grow, they will remain away. 

For more tips, you can get in touch with the expert for Silverfish Control Brisbane. Call our experts today for an affordable possum removal service in Brisane.

How to Get Rid of Silverfish?

You can use the following method to get rid of silverfish.

  1. Diatomaceous Earth Powder:

    Diatomaceous Earth or DE is a powder made from algae. When a silverfish gets in contact with DE, it destroys the upper wax coating on their body causing them to lose moisture and die. This is one of the effective ways to get rid of silverfish.
  2. Clear Clutter:

    Silverfish attacks clutter of paper and book and start to live in it. Clear the clutter and put the paper and books into the sunlight. Treat the place with pesticides spray for silverfish.
  3. Traps:

    Set traps for silverfish at the place of infestation. The bait in the trap should have the presence of carbs and starch to attract them.
Get Rid Of Silverfish
Get Rid Of Silverfish

Get Comprehensive Silverfish Control & Removal Treatment Service

Henry’s Pest Control Brisbane provides professional service for Silverfish Control Brisbane. Our service is meant for several other pests found in residential as well as commercial premises. We have several teams of professionals who are highly experienced and skilled in all types of extermination methods. So when you call us for the service, you get the service of a high standard free of any pesticides hazard risk.

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Has your company got a license from a higher authority in this industry?

Yes, the highest authority in this industry has given us a license to perform our silverfish control services and so we are here to do it. We care for you and we do not do anything which is not good for you.

What are the few reasons for choosing us and our services in Brisbane?

You have many reasons to choose us :
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