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We are a licensed pest control company. Thus we deal with the issues related to pests at home or the office. Pests can really be annoying. They damage homes and furniture. Henry Pest Control has been in service for almost 20 years. We have great experience working in Toowoomba. Pest control needs an attentive responsibility. Dealing with pests is a professional job. Our staff goes through intensive pest training. Thus, they can deliver quality service at your home. Call us right now on 07) 3050 0867 to avail more offers. 

Pest Control Toowoomba

Services offered For Pest Control

Pests are of different types. They include rodents and insects. Therefore, every pest demands a different treatment. Mentioned below are the services we offer – 

Mosquito pest control

Mosquitoes are very common pests. Mosquitoes breed in the fall. Therefore they lay their eggs in stagnant water. The common pesticides used are larvicides. Thus used to control larvae.    

Wasp pest control

Wasps are a mix of bees and ants. Wasps can sting you. It is said that 30-40 stings can even kill you. Firstly it is important to get rid of the nest. Hence we use intense pesticides.   

Woodworm treatments

It can be understood by the name itself. Woodworms feed on wood. They damage wood aggressively. They leave behind bore dust. We use the correct chemical insecticides. Our team can also repair the damaged wood. 

Fly pest control

House Flies are not a pleasant sight. Moreover they are dirty. They carry their unhygienic bodies around. It contaminates the food and other places at home. We use liquid concentrates and aerosols. We also provide preventive measures.  

Flying termite control

When a termite colony grows its called swarming. Our staff will exterminate the flies using liquid repellers. This stops the termites and kills them. 

Cockroach removal

A cockroach carries salmonella. The droppings of cockroaches are known to cause breathing issues. Thus it is unsafe to keep cockroaches at home. Even one spotting should be a sign for an inspection. 

Spider removal

Though spiders are known to eat other insects. They are usually found useful. But there are disadvantages of keeping them. In no time they start breeding. It creates a chaotic environment. No worries. Our staff knows how to deal with them. 

Domestic pest control

Households have numerous kinds of pets. We train our staff to deal with all of them differently. Treating households since years we have gained experience. 

Restaurant pest control

Domestic pest control is popular and important. Likewise restaurants also need the same care. The kitchens here need hygienic conditions. We are here to rescue. With regular insecticide sprays. And also regular cleaning and inspection services.  

Tick extermination

Ticks are a nightmare to your pets. They even hack humans. These tiny bugs are not pleasant situations. But we bring you our best tick extermination services. 

Moth pest control

Moths are found in clothes. They attach themselves to the fabric. They are a bad omen to people having allergies. Don’t ignore if you find moths at your home. We are here at your service. 

Bee pest control

Bees can start building their nests anywhere in your house. Maybe in the cracks or holes. But they increase in numbers at a fast rate. Don’t avoid this situation. Call us as we are always here to help.  

Rodent control

Rodents require integrated solutions. With our effective staff we will get rid of the problem. So that you enjoy a rodent free home. 

Flea control

We provide flea control services. With preventive measures and usage of powerful insecticides. 

Silverfish control

Well silverfishes are really tiny in size. We perform services to control the breeding. Also spray relevant insecticides to prevent them. 

Pre-purchase pest inspection

This service is a valuable one. It is worthy to get a pre- inspection service. 

Emergency pest control services

Emergency services are a good omen. They save you time and energy. You can trust us with our emergency services. We will leave your place in a new livable condition.  

Same day pest control

Same day services are a boon. We all need instant solutions to our problems. Waiting for pest control is a big no-no. Thus we offer same day services.

Pest control tips and tricks

There are some informative measures one can take to manage pests at home. Pests are usually found in specific spots. It depends on the type of pest you are dealing with. Here are some of the tips you can use –

  1. Hygiene – Firstly hygiene plays a big role when it comes to pests. Mostly pests breed in moist and dirty places. In conclusion, it is important to regularly clean your home. Including the storage places. 
  2. Pest repellent – Today we have lots of choices when it comes to pest repellents. Choose a suitable non toxic controller. Use it every time you spot a pest. 
  3. Outdoors – Likewise outdoors should also be kept clean. Take care of plants and stagnant water. 
  4. Holes and cracks – Obviously pests find comforts in holes and cracks. They usually build homes in them. Fix all these spots.
Expert Pest Control Toowoomba

Looking for an affordable pest control service? 

Henry Pest Control a renowned pest control company. We have worked in Toowoomba for almost 20 years. Similarly with experience we learned to respect our customer’s choices. In short we understand our customer’s household situations. Thus we make sure our services are affordable and efficient for you. Bringing in new offers and packages every now and then so that you enjoy pest free homes. Furthermore we bring affordable emergency services. Especially while dealing with pests no one wants to wait. Likewise we also offer same day services to your suitable timings. 

Why Choose Us For Pest Control In Toowoomba? 

Toowoomba is a beautiful city. Especially it doesn’t deserve pest infected households. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider choosing us – 

  1. Dedication – We and our staff are dedicated to this job. Our goal is giving you pest free homes. Indeed we get inspired by your smile. 
  2. Non- toxic chemicals – Obviously pesticides have toxic chemicals in them. We make sure to use green pesticides and insecticides. Our aim is to involve non toxic chemicals wherever possible. But we are open about all the equipment we use. 
  3. Verified and certified staff – We are aware how important it is to have trustable staff. Thus we make sure all our staff are certified. We give them enough experience and training before they work at your home. 
  4. Affordable services – Our services are cost-efficient. We believe in quality service. Also we believe in keeping our customers satisfied. 
  5. Emergency services – Our emergency services are top-notch. Along with quality customer care service. We are just one call away. Choose your suitable service and we will reach your home in an hour. 

So, call us right now to experience quality pest control service.


1. How to deal with cockroaches in the kitchen? 

Particularly a hygienic and clean kitchen will save you from a lot of damage. Also boric acid is considered to help with cockroaches. Likewise, you can also use cockroach repellents. Usage of kitchen items like neem leaves, lemon and vinegar also does the job.

2. How to prevent termite breeding? 

Obviously termites can bring worries at anyone’s face. Thus the best way is to prevent moist wood at home. Moreover make sure to sanitize the soil. Use pesticides and Insecticides to prevent termite infestations.

3. Can fleas cause illness? 

Fleas have a lifespan of 18-21 days.  Furthermore, they carry pathogens which are known to cause diseases. The common diseases spread by fleas would be Bubonic plague, Tularemia and Cat scratch disease.

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