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Pests are the ultimate source of inconvenience in any household, due to their notorious record of destroying wooden and concrete structures, besides being carriers of communicable diseases. 

While there is a long checklist of methodologies and solutions that come under pest control services, Henry Pest Control provides you with the latest and most advanced options in the industry. Not only are our Pest Control Runaway Bay experts extensively experienced, but their services are also renowned in local areas for reliability and efficiency.

Pre-service inspection facility at Henry Pest Control

At Henry Pest Control, our Pest Control Runaway Bay team allows you to book a pre-service inspection where our experts inspect each and every nook and corner of your estate for the faintest signs of a pest infestation. In case of a positive diagnosis, you can expect a detailed estimate with the quoted prices for the necessary services to remove the pestilent colonies, should you choose to have us get your household back to normal working conditions.

As for crisis situations, Henry Pest Control has a dedicated Emergency Pest Control Runaway Bay team that is on-station 24*7, to assist you with your service requests, even at the untimeliest hours of the day.

Services That You Can Book From Henry Pest Control

Our Pest Control Runaway Bay experts at Henry Pest Control are well-versed in any and all pest control treatments that your estate might require. The ones listed below are the most commonly requested services among them.

► Mosquito pest control

Use mosquito repellents, put meshing nets on your windows, and introduce larvae-feeding fish in their breeding grounds for a quick and prompt eradication.

► Wasp pest control

Specific toxin aerosols sprayed on wasp nests can kill them effectively.

► Woodworm treatments

Vinegar is good for the early larval stages, while chemical sprays take care of the persistent infestations.

► Fly pest control

Use electrical meshed cages and Venus flytraps for eliminating flies in the most judicious manner.

► Flying Termite Control

Mulch of rubber or cedar, accompanied by boric acid is the best solution for termite infestations

► Cockroach removal

Boric Acid and roach sprays are the best solutions to roach infestations on your estate.

► Spider removal

Getting rid of spiders, requires the usage of aromatic substances like peppermint oil, lavender or rose.

► Tick extermination

Apply potent tick sprays on your vets, and around your household, to avoid tick-related problems.

► Moth pest control

Using wall lizards and electrical traps can kill and get rid of moths easily.

► Bee pest control

Our pest control Runaway Bay team is especially skilled at relocating bees from your estate, instead of killing them inhumanely.

► Rodent control

Use rat traps, baits, and sprays to kill and get rid of rodents from your household.

► Flea control

Vacuuming your house, in addition to foggers and flea sprays can provide the best solution to the problem.

► Silverfish control

Cedar leaves and dry bay leaves are a natural deterrent against silverfish colonies. Chemical silverfish poisons can also be the ideal solution.

If you are unable to get rid of these pests using these methods, then our professional pest control option is always open for you. 

Additional Services That We Provide In Runaway Bay

► Domestic pest control

Is your house plagued with pest colonies that are persistent against commercial pesticide solutions? Do not hesitate to call us for top-notch pest extermination services at Henry Pest Control.

►  Restaurant pest control

If your restaurant is about to go bankrupt due to pests, then we have the most effective solutions for you.

► Pre-purchase pest inspection

Our service teams at Runaway Bay provide inspection services for your household at minimal prices.

Emergency pest control services

With regards to pest control emergencies, we are on station 24*7, to take care of crisis situations at the untimeliest hours of the day.

► Same day pest control

When we receive your call for pest control Runaway Bay, we strive to provide you with comprehensive services within 24 hours.

Why Hire Only Us For Your Pest Control Needs?

Crisis situations are regular challenges for pest exterminators, and our pest control Runaway Bay team is no exception. We have a highly dedicated team of expert service personnel who make it a point to reach your doorstep as soon as they can, and provide you with the best and the most efficient services for the problem that you face.

Affordable services with a seamless record for reliability is our trademark, as we believe that it is your right to receive world-class services without having to exceed your budget limits. As a result, we always aim to keep our prices, the absolute lowest in the region.

  • Availability 24*7, 365 days
  • Service record for reliability and efficiency
  • Prompt and timely servicing
  • Affordable servicing with time-bound solutions


1. Why hire a professional when you can do it yourself?

Well, different pests require different pest control treatments and choosing your treatment option yourself can be detrimental for your estate. It is always recommended to have a well-trained and qualified professional take care of your household.

2. Why use baits instead of sprays?

Baits are safer than sprays but more effective. Each has its own merits and demerits. Baits are used when sprays are hazardous for the residents.

3. Why are commercial pesticides insufficient?

Commercial pest killing chemicals are diluted, and active for shorter periods of time, for which they are a temporary cure.

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