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What is Pest Control?

Pests are animals that are harmful for humans. They are just invaders at home. Firstly pest control is all about usage of pesticides and insecticides. The job is to put an end on pest infestations with advancement in technology, we have synthetic insecticides today. Therefore pest control is the elimination of pests harbouring at homes. Obviously this is done by using the right tools. A trustable pest control company possesses extreme knowledge about pests.

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Timely service providers – our timely services at your doorstep

Indeed a pest control service should be capable of providing timely services. Especially to make a company reliable. We at Henry Pest Control work on giving our customers profitable and methodical services. Our staff is trained to be active and efficient. We make sure our customer care is communicative about our services. Hence, we are available 24*7. This makes it easier for you to choose your suitable timings. Therefore we oath to provide you with timely and quality services.    

Why pick us as your next pest control service provider ? 

  1. Proficiency – We have been in service for almost 20 years. Therefore, it makes us proficient in our work. With time we have developed the skills and expertise. Such exposure has made us capable of providing quality services. 
  2. Expertness – Our prime services give integrated solutions to pests. With experience we have learned professionalism.
  3. Economical – We know you want maximum profit in services at low cost. 
  4. Innovation – Altogether we believe in coming up with innovative solutions to easy pest control. 
  5.  First responsiveness – Similarly we provide emergency services. So we will reach your place in an hour. 
  6. Authorized staff – Along with maintaining quality we make sure to have licensed staff. They undergo standard pest control training. All our staff are experienced. Therefore we trust our staff and technicians with you. 
  7. Harmless chemicals – Furthermore, we use non toxic insecticides and pesticides. They are harmless to you and good for our environment.

Go through the list of pest control services we provide 

Same day pest control

One of our most requested services is same day service. Customers want instant treatment for the pests. Thus we bring same day services. You choose the time and we focus on being punctual. 

Mosquito pest control

These buzzing insects are not a favourite. Worry not as we have perfect insecticides to get rid of them. Hence leaving behind no trace of a single mosquito. 

Emergency pest control services

Our emergency service is available all the time. It’s a simple process. You just have to call us and make an appointment. Our staff will be at your door in one hour.

Woodworm treatments

Woodworms are also a common pests. Obviously they damage timber. We use intensive insecticides. Woodworm treatments include control and extermination of them. We even fix your timber and dry it out. This prevents further breeding. 

Pre-purchase pest inspection

This means inspection of new property. Our services include inspection and prevention of possible pests. Thus when you move into your new home it is completely pest-free. 

Wasp pest control

Wasps are just like bees. They sting you. Obviously it’s painful and leads to troublesome days. We bring safe solutions to the wasps at your place.  

Fly pest control

Flies spread diseases. Mainly causing dysentry. If you notice your family falling sick again and again you should not avoid these flies at home. Use our services on the roll. 

Cockroach removal

They are unappealing. Furthermore, they carry poison with them. Take care of leaks and moist places. You can prevent them in this way. Leave the rest on us. We will take care of them. 

Flying termite control

If you notice small wings around in your home. This probably means a termite infestation. Thus we use repellents to coat the woods. This will kill the termites. We will also eliminate the damaged wood. 

Domestic pest control

We introduce many services for your households. Weekly and monthly packages to benefit you. 

Spider removal

Many of you must be scared of spiders. Obviously because they make your home dirty. The cobwebs keep coming back every week. You must be tired of them. Invest for a spider free home today. 

Moth pest control

Moths are just like butterflies. But the difference is they look dull and are smaller in size. Further they damage clothes at home. Let us take a look at your place every month. This inspection will save you time and further damage. 

Flea control

Fleas don’t have wings. They usually jump all the time. Inspect your mattress and pets. They will indicate if you got a flea issue. Obviously we are one call away. We will exterminate them from your place. 

Restaurant pest control

Pest control is all about safety and protection for humans and animals. When it comes to public places it becomes more significant. Learn about our low cost packages to keep your premises clean. 

Silverfish control

Silverfish can be found in cardboard boxes. Sometimes even near furniture. They are very tiny creatures. 

Bee pest control

Bees are not friendly. They make nests near your home. Therefore, if they are disturbed unintentionally it is a dangerous situation. We use safety measures while handling them. 

Rodent control

Rodents chew food, clothes, furniture and walls. You can hear them scratching. It is not easy to get rid of all of them. 

Tick extermination

Ticks cause itchy skin. Likewise happens both in humans and animals. Therefore we provide treatment to your pets too.

Hire Reputed Pest Controllers In Redcliffe

Henry Pest Control started services in pest control 20 years ago. With extreme dedication we have been trying to come up with new ideas. Furthermore, we are aiming at bringing about a new revolution in the field of pest control. Our staff has been training intensively. Therefore trying to gain knowledge and experience to give you quality services. You will have a communicative experience with our staff. They are polite and further try to be helpful in your situation. We are looking forward to working with you. 

 Call us to know at 07 2000 4287 to book our service. 


1. How long should I stay out of my house during pest control? 

This depends on the type of infestation you have. The pest control team will guide you with all the procedures. They will suggest you with the time. It usually takes 2-3 hours. Also don’t enter the house immediately after the procedure. Wait until all the chemicals and pesticides used fade away. 

2. How to clean a house after pest control? 

Firstly wait until the recommended time given by the team. Discard garbage and junk outside. It’s better to wear gloves and masks for a while after you enter the house. This way you will save yourself from any infections and allergies.

3. What are the signs of moth infestations? 

Look for damage in clothes. You might also find maggots which are larvae. These larvae are found in cases called silken tubes. Look for the sightings of moths. Observe the frequency at which you notice these moths. Well our company is just one call away. For any queries you can call on our customer care.

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