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You might be suspecting a termite or bee infestation. Our team of Pest control North Toowoomba is here to your rescue. Thus, we are a leading professional pest control service provider. Our company has been working in the homes of North Toowoomba for years. We have 20 years of experience. Therefore, we bring modern and effective solutions to the pests breeding at your home. Our aim is to provide quality service. Today pest control has become a money business. But Henry Pest Control is people’s first company and we care about our customers. Call us right now on 07 2000 4287 to know more about the pest control services we provide. 

Pest control tricks and tips  

Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, manage to control the pests in the initial stages. Obviously this will reduce future damages. Here are some tips and tricks you can follow for initial infestation – 

  1. Clean home – The first step to a pest-free home is a clean home. Breeding spots usually include humid and dirty places. Especially kitchen and bathrooms. Make sure they are clean. 
  2. General Repellents – Secondly, use repellents. They are available in every store. Especially for cockroaches and other insects. 
  3. Discard junk – Junk includes cardboards and old furniture. Also they are perfect places for termites, silverfish, bees and much more. Thus make sure to discard junk timely. 
  4. Soil management – Soils bring in pests. Many love having indoor plants at home. If you keep one also maintain it. Use pesticides regularly. 
  5. Regular pest control – A monthly pest control is the best solution for a pest-free home. Choose a reliable local pest control service. 

 Pest Control Services We Provide 

Wood Worms treatment

Wood Worms feed on dead plants. This includes wood and papers. Thus, we bring affordable solutions for you. 

Restaurant pest control

Dust, debris and pests don’t belong to the premises of restaurants. Therefore, we have monthly check-up services to help you and your customers. 

Flea Control

Fleas cause disturbance at home. Your pets will definitely find them irritating. Thus we use pesticides so effective that it will leave no trace of a single flea. 

Same day pest control

This service includes any pest control on the same day. You are liberal to choose your suitable timings. 

Mosquito pest control

Mosquitoes are dangerous insects. They spread illnesses like Malaria. Furthermore, they bite and won’t let you sleep. Thus, let us come and help you. 

Bee pest control

Bees are insects that sting. They build nests in holes and cracks. Considering the difficult consequences we have safety services for you. 

Cockroach removal

These insects are mainly found in kitchens. Finding comfort in your home they bring in deadly diseases. They are famous for contaminating food. Therefore, we use strong repellents to remove them. 

Wasp pest control

Wasps are similar to bees. Likewise, they sting and sometimes they are poisonous. Don’t let them continue to breed. Hire a team for an inspection as soon as you spot a wasp at home. 

Tick extermination

Ticks are not a friendly pest. They irritate your pets. Likewise, they infect humans too. If you find your pet biting and itching all the time. Consult a vet as soon as possible. Moreover, invest in a professional tick extermination. We have it at an affordable price. 

Fly pest control

Flies spread diseases like dysentery and diarrhoea. Well we use equipment such that will leave your home free from flies. 

Flying termite pest control

Flying termites are basically termites with wings. They are always present in large groups called swarms. Well don’t worry. We will discard all termite infested wood. Also will treat walls and furniture affected. 

Spider removal

Is your storage room resembling a haunted house? Like filled with cobwebs and spiders around. Therefore, we are here to help you get rid of those irritating spiders. 

Silverfish pest control

Silverfishes feed on paper and fabrics. It’s an insect which resembles a fish. Furthermore, they are tiny thus it becomes hard to eradicate them. We will make it easier for you. 

Domestic pest control

We have affordable domestic pest control service. 

Moth pest control

Are you seeing several moths near your tube lights. Your fabrics might also be chewed by them. Therefore, we bring in quality pest control. 

Emergency pest control services

We provide emergency pest control services. The fastest our team can reach your place is one hour. 

Rodent control

Rodents are just a scientific name to the mouse and rat family. They eat your food, they leave their droppings everywhere. It’s hard to exterminate them completely. Therefore, trust us and let us do this job for you. 

Pre-purchase pest inspection

We provide pest inspection for non sold properties. Like you want to buy a new home. Before moving in, book an inspection appointment with us.

Emergency pest control services  

Our team of Pest control North Toowoomba provides emergency services just for you. Firstly pests are not your guests. Secondly, they must be exterminated as soon as possible. Thus, we have come up with emergency services. Our staff reaches your home in an hour. Furthermore, will modify the plan according to the situation at your place. You trust us and we trust our staff. We prepare them for such emergency situations. Therefore, we aim for satisfaction of our customers. Don’t wait and book an appointment with us. We will guide you and provide affordable services. 

Why Choose Us Pest Control In North Toowoomba  

Again we have been in service for more than 20 years. We have learned the hard way. Building our staff and maintaining the quality in our services. Here are some of the reasons why you should trust us regarding your pests. 

  1. Passionate – We and our team are very passionate about our job. We work everyday to provide you with the best pest control services. Your happiness is our relief. 
  2. Affordable services – We don’t take our customers for granted. Therefore, we keep our services cost efficient. Aiming to gain your trust. 
  3. 24*7 services – Yes, we provide services 24*7. Our team works hard and undergoes extensive training. They are prepared for night shifts. We won’t degrade in quality. It is irrespective of time. 
  4. Emergency services – As mentioned above, we provide emergency services. 
  5. Reliability – Firstly, we have been working in the city for years now. This makes us reliable. You can trust us with your homes. Our only aim is to give you a pest-free clean home. 


1. Why do I have mud tubes on my walls ? 

Firstly, mud tubes are definitely signs of termites. Secondly, they create small tunnels using mud as passages. Call us and book an inspection appointment.

2. How to prevent cockroaches at home ? 

Cockroaches love to stay in dirty areas. Therefore, keep your sinks clean. Also sanitize kitchens. Seal all possible openings which will let them in your home. Arrange a monthly cockroach prevention process.

3. Can wasps be deadly ? 

Yes, wasps can be deadly to you and your family. They sting and it leaves a huge swelling. It is said that these stings can also kill people. Stay safe. 

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