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Pest infestation is never uncommon, be it your house or any industrial area. Pest Control Newtown is the promising pest control expert of any kind and size of the property. Pest control is the best aid to save your clothes, property, belongings, and safety from pests. As a responsible and leading pest controller in Newtown, we are promising you the year-round pests treatment availability. Ring us on 07 3050 0867 to have a productive, effective & long-term control on fatal pests. 

Services of Pest Control Newtown: 

The Pest Control Newtown is active round the clock with an extensive series of pest control applications. Our pest control services are available for 365 days and 24/7 duration. 

Emergency pest control services

The emergency pest control services of Pest Control Newtown is available & accessible for 365 days. 

Same-day pest control

Our Same day pest control service will offer instant relief from pests infestation. We operate with the Same-Day pests operation shortly on appointment confirmation. 

Pre-purchase pest inspection

The pre-purchase pest inspection service ensure the inspected property and saved cost. We offer a reasonable pre-purchase pest inspection service in Newtown. 

Mosquito pest control

The mosquitoes are irritating and health-affecting pests. We also offer mosquito pest control with a skilled team.

Wasp pest control

Our wasp pest control service is framed with all tested treatments. We practice pest control with only safe products.

Woodworm treatments

The woodworm treatments will be easy now. You can appoint our experts for any woodworm pest issues. 

Fly pest control

The flies need instant elimination as they quickly spread diseases. Call out for our fly pest control actions even on weekends. 

Flying termite control

Before the flying termites attack your luxury wooden furniture dial us straight away. We will safely treat termites out of your property.  

Cockroach removal

The cockroaches can take germs and viruses along with them to your property. Our cockroach removal services will take these hazardous cockroaches out of your dwelling.


Spider removal

The spider’s existence can make your property unhygienic and spider bites can make survival hectic. Our affordable spider removal service is guaranteed & effective. 

Restaurant pest control

The restaurants attract several types of pests due to the large crowd and food over there. Our restaurant pest control will make your restaurant highly protected. 

Domestic pest control

We submit the domestic pest control service for every local of Newtown. We are trained and certified for any kind of property pest control. 

Tick extermination

Our tick extermination service is available year-round. We follow tested procedures for the complete removal of ticks. 

Bee pest control

Bees bites are hard to tackle. Contact us for bee pest control and get instant service anytime. 

Moth pest control

The nocturnal insect such as moth will be removed with our effective moth pest control actions. 

Flea control

Fleas are easily transmitted when your pets move outside. We have years of experience in handling flea control actions. 

Rodent Control

Rodents of any size can enter your dwelling through various sources. Appoint our Rodent control action team at the best rates. 

Silverfish control

Has silverfish infestation reached heights? Then dial us for practical and ethical silverfish control any time of the year.

Why Choose Pest Control Newtown:  

Pest Control Newtown has always given priority to customer’s satisfaction and safety. Our motive is not focused on making profits but to be the best pest service for Newtown residents. We have gained years of excellence with the profound team to have mastery in working out on all kinds of pests issues. We will detect the pest infection, how severe it is, how will we treat it, and quality guidance on how you can have control over them in the future? 

  • Certified team: The Pest Control Newtown operates with a registered and insured team of pest controllers. 
  • Experienced team: We have gained quality experience and training in pest control service. 
  • 24/7 availability: We are available at your doorway 24/7. Appoint us when tricky pests are ready to enter your space. 
  • Latest equipment: The latest & best equipment is part of our pest control service. The advanced technology is encouraging our versatile pest services. 
  • Eco-friendly processes: We adopt eco-friendly processes to make pest control procedures safer for you. We also make sure to maintain the safety of your property. 


1.  What are the indications of a flea infestation? 

At the first, a flea infestation can be detected once fleas are visible in your house or office. If you have experienced skin bumps, skin irritation, or scratches you may have fleas around. Fleas infestation is also possible if there are flea eggs and flecks on pets. 

2. Does bedbugs and fleas need multiple treatments? 

Bedbugs and fleas are extremely movable types of pests. They can easily & quickly move from one building or location to another. Therefore multiple treatments are essential for avoiding the bedbugs and fleas from coming back again. 

3. Is your pest services safe for my family & pets? 

We use tested, non-toxic and safe chemicals to ensure your, your families, and pets’ safety. Our trained professionals utilize chemical-free treatments followed by the sanitation process for better safety & hygiene. 

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