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Pest control Labrador brings a wide range of effective pest control services. Firstly a pest control company has the job to control and exterminate pests.These hosts are uninvited beings at your households. Furthermore it becomes worrisome trying to get rid of them on your own. We at pest control Labrador try to come up with reliable solutions to pests. Henry Pest Control is Labrador’s leading pest control company. Ring us on Henry Pest Control to know more about our profitable services! 

pest control labrador

Importance of pest control – Why should you opt for pest control ? 

A pest is any plant or animal that is harmful to humans. Here are some reasons to why you should call a pest control service – 

  1. Unseen damages – Pests can cause unseen damages. Moreover they provide opportunity for more infestations. They give practical and useful solutions. 
  2. Guarantee – Management of pests at home is a difficult task. Obviously one needs professional assistance. In fact one avoids further damages by relying on monthly inspections and precautions. 
  3. Usage of right chemical and pesticides 
  4. Saves money – It prevents further damages.

Glance through the quality services we give to you – 

Spider removal

Spiders feed on other insects. If you have spiders in your home that indicates other pests residing at your place. Get rid of flies and other insects. The best option is an inspection. It will help you understand the infestations happening at your home. 

Cockroach removal

Roaches make your premise dirty. They are an allergen source. Obviously they bring in lots of diseases. Cockroach also triggers asthma. We use glue strips and diatomaceous earth. 

Tick extermination

We have professional equipment. Along with strong pesticides to terminate them. 

Mosquito pest control

Firstly a thorough inspection is done. Later we will come up with an integrated plan. Further we use chemicals and insecticides. 

Woodworm treatments

We use effective solutions inside the timbers. Once the wood worms are exterminated we use preventive solutions. This will stop further damage.   

Domestic pest control

Domestic pest control is a common type of pest control. It involves basic methods of pest control. Mainly used for treatment of common pests like mosquitoes and rodents. 

Wasp pest control

We use over the counter sprays. They are very effective for wasps. Pyrethrins are commonly used sprays. 

Moth pest control

We use sanitizing methods. Along with it we use vacuums too. We will use fruitful methods to get rid of moths. 

Restaurant pest control

Keeping the premises at restaurants clean is a big responsibility. Therefore we are here at your rescue. Let the chefs cook hygienic food as we will exterminate all pests from the premise. 

Flying termite control

We use specific tools to attract these termites. Using sprays and traps we can get rid of them. No more termites haunting you every day. 

Fly pest control

We offer fly inspection services. These house flies bring problems to your home. We will exterminate them for you. 

Bee pest control

Spraying chemicals into the nests of the bees is one method. Later once the bees are eliminated we destroy the nest. Furthermore one way to prevent bee infestation is to seal all openings. 

Flea control

Using vacuums and insecticides is one way to deal with them. Though flea removal is expensive, we have affordable prices. Along with that we provide inspections and preventive tips to you. 

Rodent control

Our team will spray chemicals to the weak spots. Once all the rodents are dead we get rid of them. You just have to sit and wait. 

Silverfish control

Firstly they are attracted by humid places. So that is one way to prevent it. Before using any tools it is necessary to declutter the home. Well we are with you. Guiding you with all of the procedures we will give you a neat home. 

Same day pest control

This service is about instant and emergency cases. We provide same day services. According to your situation we give the treatment. 

Pre-purchase inspection

before you buy a new property you always check for leaks and damages. It is advised to get a pest inspection done too. We will not slow down your purchase process. Our fast and effective service will help you get a happy home.

Emergency pest control services

The emergency services we provide are of good quality. Reaching at your place in one hour we will give effective treatments. Trust us with our work. We will be at your doorstep in no time. 

How are we different ? 

Pest control Labrador is an experienced and trusted service company. Many pest control companies claim about giving low cost services. But when it comes to execution they spam you. We provide the most affordable pest inspection and extermination services. Our staff are well trained. They are dedicated toward their job. We have unity within our team. Our aim is to provide the best pest control service in Labrador. Don’t miss out on our special offers. We will be grateful to work with you. 

Why choose us ? 


Our experience makes us reliable. We work really hard to give you a quality pest control experience. Our staff has been really committed towards the job. 

Timely service

A quality service is fruitful when it is done on time. We will never make an excuse. Our aim is to be punctual with you. 

Emergency services

Dealing with pests is tricky. Not all pest control services provide instant solutions. Even if they do so it’s not a quality service. Thus we have a special team to meet your urgency issues. 

Licensed business

The staff working with us are licensed and verified. We trust them and we trust you. 

Good reputation

We have been in service for more than 18 years. Thus this has given us time to build reputation and trust. We give a lot of time in researching new innovative methods for pest control. 

Great customer service

We treat our customers with respect. Our customer care is well trained. They have great communication skills to understand your issues. 

Thus we want to explore more of the options. We are always excited to work for you. We are open to suggestions. Call us to know the existing offers. 


1. What pesticides are used to kill mosquitoes? 

Firstly pyrethrin is the common pesticide for insects. Others include malathion, naled, and permethrin. Furthermore both larvicides and adulticides are used for mosquitoes. Make sure to ask the pest control team about the chemicals used. You should make sure they are using green and non toxic pesticides. 

2. When do silverfish breed? 

Silverfish can live upto 8 years. They reproduce frequently. The female silverfish produces 2-3 eggs per day. They can produce eggs all year. Only a few insects like silverfish can moult after reaching adulthood.

3. What diseases can spiders carry? 

Spider bites can cause bacterial infections. They usually carry infectious microbes. Sometimes deadly spiders can cause tissue lesions. If a spider attacks you it’s better to seek immediate treatment. Stay safe and get regular inspections done at home. 

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