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Pest control is a process of elimination of pests. Therefore it is a tough job. Thus it requires innovative solutions for pests.Our team of  Pest control Kangaroo Point has been in this field for almost 20 years. We thrive to provide the best pest control service. Our team consists of trained professionals. Thus we want to give a pest-free home to all of you. Henry Pest Control documents every pests control service we do. Likewise we appreciate criticisms and go with a positive attitude. So with the aim to be better at every service we provide. Hence, give a call to the leading pest control service and book your next appointment on 07 2000 4287

Look for the suitable service at your home  

A pest control service company should be aware of the services they provide. Obviously they should be capable of educating their clients about the pests. Likewise the services. Here are the services we offer –

Same day services

We know pests are destructive. Sometimes the situation goes out of hand. Hence such moments need immediate assistance. We have come up with same day service. 

Bee pest control

Obviously no one wants a sight of honey bees in their home. And therefore you spot a bee hive nearby. It gets more dangerous. We use intensive strategies to get rid of bees safely from your place. 

Mosquito pest control

It’s very natural to have mosquitoes at your home. But they bring worries along with them. We usually try to protect ourselves using repellents and coils. They hardly work. Therefore get rid of them once and for all. Later it is advised to do monthly prevention measures. 

Flea pest control

Flea pest control services include ending the fleas. They are very tiny in size. We use insecticides for them. 

Emergency services

We trust our staff. Thus we provide quality services in no time. Our team will be available within an hour. 

Pre-purchase pest inspection

We provide inspection services before you buy a new property. They are at an affordable cost. 

Moth pest control

Moth pest control usually involves using traps. They attract the moths and we exterminate them using insecticides. 

Fly pest control

Flies are headaches. They are very small in size. We use strong repellents to get rid of all the flies. Also we do a post inspection. 

Restaurant pest control

Restaurants have huge kitchens and storage places. Pests can be anywhere. You definitely don’t want to serve contaminated food to your customers. And we don’t want you to have a pest infected kitchen. Call us for inspection and control services right now. 

Silverfish control

This pest requires professional treatment. The staff will access the situation and perform necessary tasks. 

Wasp pest control

Wasps can’t be left untreated. With extensive approach we will get rid of all possible wasp spots. 

Tick extermination

Ticks are irritating. Your pests suffer a lot from this infestation. For your peace we use non toxic sprays and treat your pests. 

Domestic pest control

Domestic households need a regular pest inspection. 

Rodent control

No one wants a rodent spotting. Especially in their kitchens. Thus we bring in quality rodent control services. 

Cockroach removal

You love your family and you can go to extents to keep them safe. One of the best steps would be getting cockroach removal every month. Hence you can rely on us. 

Wood Worms treatment

The beautiful furniture doesn’t deserve woodworms. They will damage your wood. Therefore leave this responsibility on us. We will get rid of them. 

Spider removal

Spider phobias is a really common thing. We don’t want you to suffer. Likewise, we bring in affordable services like spider removal. Flying termite pest control – Yes, flying termites can cause extreme damage. Also infected wood should be discarded right away. Call us right now if you inspect a termite around you.

Why do you need expert pest control services? 

We all have done DIY pest control at home. It does help but it’s a temporary solution. Hence for a permanent treatment it is always wise to contact a pest control service. Obviously choose a company who is reliable and trustworthy. Mentioned below are reasons why one should choose expert control services – 

  1. Professional treatment 
  2. Permanent solution
  3. Saves future damage
  4. Inspection detects other infestations 
  5. Keeps your home clean and lively
  6. Prevents allergies and illnesses

Same day pest control services 

Henry Pest Control is a leading pest control company. In recent years we have observed the patterns of our clients’ demands. Therefore we have come up with same day pest control services. It includes urgent treatment to your pests. With maintaining our professionalism. Hence, our staff will reach at your doorstep when you wish for it. Ring us on our customer care. They will guide you with the suitable service. And our team reaches your place when you want it. It is as simple as that. Inspecting a pest at home? We are here at rescue. 

Why choose us? 

We respected and experienced pest control service companies. Thus we make sure our services make our customers trust us. Stated are some reasons to choose us as your pest control service – 

  1. Convenient experience – Everyone seeks for a convenient service experience. Thus our staff will make the pest control process easy and smooth. 
  2. Patient staff – Pest control is a heavy task. It requires dedication and patience to exterminate pests. Therefore our staff works with an alert mind. 
  3. Emergency services – A reliable company will keep their clients as their priority. We provide emergency services to ease your stress. Our staff will reach your place within an hour. 
  4. Economic friendly services – Usually pest control services are expensive. Likewise they don’t provide quality services. We are aware that our customers look for quality services which are cost efficient. 
  5. Environmentally friendly equipment – The chemicals used are usually toxic. But we use advanced technology. Furthermore, it is about using green pesticides and Insecticides. 


1. How to prevent pests in my garden? 

Firstly install barriers and nets. Do smart gardening. Attract useful insects who feed on harmful pests. Practice rotate cropping. Plant varieties. Don’t forget to add insecticides and pesticides. You can contact our customer service. They will guide you with it.

2. What are signs of bee infestation? 

Firstly spotting bees and wasps in your home. If you observe bees wandering in your home very often, then probably there is a beehive around. Look for holes and cracks. Bees and wasps build their homes in them. Furthermore, the honey leaking from nests makes dark patches on walls. If you suspect an infestation call for an inspection immediately.

3. How does weather affect pest infestations? 

Hot and humid weather acts as a catalyst for most of the pests. Like mosquitoes and termites. Rains can also increase their breeding process. Termites can not infest dry wood. So, weather has some serious effects on the way pests breed and infest homes. 

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