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If you want go-to pest control that is not only efficient but affordable as well. Then you can rely on us. Henry Pest Control is a well-reliable pest control service providing company in Helensvale. We have been serving our clients for a very long time. Our experience is what makes us the finest pest control company in Helenvale. We prioritize our clients and what they want. 

Therefore, we assure delivery of exactly what our clients desire. We can get rid of spiders, termites, silverfish, ticks, etc. We make sure that we will make your house a pest-free zone in no time. Hence, if you are interested in booking our pest control professionals then you can call us on 07 2000 4287.

Rapid And Effective Pest Control Treatment

Our customers can enjoy rapid and effective pest control treatment if they opt for our pest control services. Our main objective is to deliver the best services to our clients and make them fully satisfied. With our latest techniques and technologies, we deliver rapid and effective pest control treatments. With the help of our modern gadgets, we assure high-speed delivery of efficient pest control services. So, you will not have to wait for days to have a pest-free house. So, book us now if you want to enjoy all the benefits that we offer. 

There Are Plenty Of Services That We Deliver To Our Clients

We deliver each and every type of pest control service so that they do not have to go anywhere else apart from Henry Pest Control. Our customers can depend on us for all types of pest control services. Here is the list of our extraordinary pest control services we offer. 

Mosquito pest control

Get rid of all the toxic mosquito repellents. Because repellents can not only harm you as they consist of many harsh chemicals. These harsh chemicals can be very bad for your health. However, you can choose us for mosquito pest control. We only use organic products. 

Wasp pest control

Wasps can be a very big problem when around. They can bite you for the bare minimum. Moreover, their sting hurts a lot. And do not forget that a wasp’s sting can make you have a severe allergic reaction. This is why we deliver wasp pest control

Woodworm treatments

Woodworms can create a lot of trouble for you. They can destroy your wooden belongings. From making holes to nibbling on it. They can completely destroy them. However, to help you out we are delivering woodworm treatments. Call us now. 

Fly pest control

Fly pest control is very necessary, especially in summers. They roam around your home in a very large quantity. As well, they spread a lot of diseases in a very large quantity. If you do not want to get sick then you should opt for routine fly pest control and save yourself from a vicious disease. 

Flying Termite control

Flying termites are not just visitors. If you find them in your house. Then you should know that they have come to your house for a very long time. They are the ones that form colonies and then slowly nibble on your house’s structure. 

Cockroach removal

No amount of repellents are enough to prevent your house from cockroaches. Cockroaches survived dinosaurs. But we assure you that they will not be able to survive our pest control treatments. We deliver the best cockroach removal treatments in and around Helensvale.

Spider removal

We can eliminate spiders from your house as well. You should get a spider removal treatment on time if you do not want your house to fill with cobwebs. Moreover, spider bites can be very dangerous for you. Especially if you are allergic to them.

Domestic pest control

Houses can get pests infestations very easily. Because they have the right environment for pests. To help you have a sanitary ambiance in your house we deliver domestic pest control services. 

Restaurant pest control

Restaurants should also take necessary precautions to keep these nasty creatures away. Because pests habitat in restaurants as well. Moreover, even the tiniest pests are enough to close the restaurant down forever. But with regular restaurant pest control, you can save your restaurants. 

Tick extermination

Looking for an efficient pest control company for tick extermination? You can hire us. We know that ticks can harm all your belongings. Moreover, we know how desperately you want them gone from your house. By hiring us you can get high-speed tick extermination. 

Moth pest control

We also provide our customers with moth pest control services. No matter what type of pest it is, they can all transmit bacterias and make you sick to your stomach. Instead of paying your doctor for a horrible case of food poisoning. You should be precautious and appoint us for moth pest control. 

Bee pest control

Bees can form their hive anywhere. If it is near or in your backyard then going outdoors can be very troubling for you. Moreover, when bees feel even a little bit of danger they sting you in defense. Why go through with all this trouble when you can book our bee pest control services. 

Rodent control

Do you know that rodents can get very big in size? Moreover, there are also monster rats. No matter what their size is. They can spread some life-threatening diseases. Yes, rodents can kill you. Therefore, it is important that you get rid of them before they get rid of you. Call us for rodent control.

Flea control 

Call us now if you want efficient flea control service. Fleas can not only be harmful to you they can be very harmful to your pets as well. Fleas stick to them which causes a lot of irritation to them. Moreover, they are also big transmitters of diseases. 

Silverfish control

You can also get rid of silverfish by booking our pest control services. Catching a silverfish is even way harder than catching an actual fish. As well as eliminating silverfish from your house soon is very important if you do not want a lot of their babies in your house. 

Pre-purchase pest inspection

Never purchase a property without a pre-purchase pest inspection if you love your money. Purchasing a property without pest inspection is a very big mistake. And we do not want the people of Helensvale to repent later. Hence, we offer pre-purchase pest inspection services. 

Same day pest control

Now you can enjoy pest control services on the same day of booking without any problem. So, if you ever forget to book an appointment with us, do not worry because we will be available to you to deliver same-day pest control service.

We Deliver Emergency Pest Control Services To Help Out Our Customers

Imagine you are going to bed at 12 AM and suddenly you heard a sound from your basement. You went to check and found out that a lot of rates are hidden in a crack in your basement. What will you do? It is simple you will call us. Because no matter what the time is. No matter if you booked an appointment with us or not. 

We will be there to help you even at midnight. Because our one and only goal is to help our customers in the time they need us the most. We will reach your doorstep in time and do our job efficiently. So, without freaking out in such situations, you can call us for emergency pest control services. 

Benefits Of Choosing Us When You Have A Pest Infestation

Recruiting us will be a very good deal for you. We have a lot of benefits on our plate that comes free with our services. Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy by just booking us. 

  • All Time Pest Control Services: You can have access to our services twenty-four hours. Without a break. 
  • Professional Team: Our team consists of very good pest controllers who are the best at what they do. Moreover, they have plenty of experience and training. 
  • Excellent Quality: Quality services are our main focus. Because if we will not be able to deliver good quality then our customers will not be satisfied. And customer satisfaction is our main objective. 
  • Affordable Prices: You can enjoy honest prices if you recruit our pest control services. You can trust us because of our goodwill in the market. 


1. Why Do Pests Invade Houses? 

Pests invade your houses in the search of food. When they have access to unlimited food and a humid environment. They start living in your house in places where there is minimal human traffic. 

2. How Are Termites Harmful For Our House?

Termites feed on wood. Therefore, they can destroy all the wood-made things from your house. Moreover, most of the houses are structurally made of wood. Therefore, they can severely damage the very structure of your house.

3. Does Commercial Pest Repellents Work?

Yes, these repellents can kill a minimal amount of pests. But they can not get rid of pests infestations. Moreover, these repellents are made of very harsh chemicals which can not only be poisonous for the pests but can be poisonous for you as well. Therefore, you should opt for organic pest control methods.

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