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Henry Pest Control is Fortitude Valley’s leading company serving domestic pest treatment. Our staff includes trained technicians with years of expertise in delivering effective home pest control service. Moreover, our aim is to provide effective Pest Control Fortitude Valley service that saves homes, pets and families. You can rely on us for all types of pest management. Some of our services include- bee control, flea treatment, spider removal, cockroach extermination and many more. To make an appointment, call us on 07 2000 4287 now!

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Emergency Pest Control Fortitude Valley Service 

You can trust our company for authentic emergency pest control. We are centrally located in Fortitude Valley and offer rapid responses to your pest control appointments. You can also call us for after hours pest control. We trust it is our expert service that makes us apart. Moreover, we use the latest pest management options to ensure the safety of the environment and your place. You can book us anytime you want, as we are open for 24 hours in Fortitude Valley.

Pest Control Options At Our Company Include

✔ Mosquito Pest Control

We offer reliable mosquito pest control services for your homes. For this treatment, we have residual insecticides that work right against mosquitoes. Furthermore, we are available 24/7 in Fortitude Valley. 

✔ Wasp Pest Control

Our wasp pest control helps in reducing the wasp population in your home and keeps working for days. To get effective removal of wasps infestations, book your Pest Control Fortitude Valley now!

✔ Woodworm Treatments

Woodworms can cause heavy damage to your homes as well as to your wooden furniture. Hence, you must call our technicians for effective woodworm inspection and control. Book us for the complete removal of wood-boring beetles.

✔ Fly Pest Control

Are you in need of emergency fly pest control? We can help. Fly problems are common in many residential places in Australia. Therefore, our technicians are equipped 24/7 to serve you with quality fly control in Fortitude Valley. 

✔ Flying Termite Control

In case you are noticing termites flying on your property. It is an indication of a mature colony. To prevent them from multiplying more, call us for same day flying termite removal in Fortitude Valley. Book us for a friendly free and no obligation quote now!

✔ Cockroach Removal

Did you notice cockroaches rushing through kitchen floors at night? If yes, it’s high time you call our cockroach control team. Moreover, our cockroach control team runs affordable services in your city. 

✔ Spider Removal

The best way to control spiders from webbing in and around your house is to contact our Pest Control Service. Our pest control professionals are experienced in delivering high class spider extermination services in Fortitude Valley.

✔ Domestic Pest control

Are you looking for a domestic pest exterminator in Fortitude Valley? Our company may help. We deliver a wide range of residential pest control solutions. Moreover, you get free quotations from our highly talented staff. 

✔ Restaurant Pest Control

Our company is known for effective restaurant pest control. We deliver pest treatments for- spiders, flies, termites, rodents, bed bugs and many more. Basically, we have everything you require for restaurant pest removals. 

✔ Tick Extermination

Ticks present on people and pets need prompt removal. Ticks suck blood and cause several infections. Therefore, our company offers thorough tick extermination services. Additionally, you get tick removal at a very affordable price. 

✔ Moth Pest Control

Our pest controllers use fumigation for moth pest treatments. Moreover, the average price for moth control Fortitude Valley is highly affordable. So, let our pest controllers do the right job for you. We can be accessed at 07 2000 4287. 

✔ Bee Pest Control

Bees turn into menace within a fraction of seconds. Our company ensures that your bee problem is controlled quickly. Furthermore, we clear bees from your place in an eco-friendly manner. 

✔ Rodent Control

We offer an integrated approach to removing rats and mice. In case, you have a handful of rodent infestations inside your rooms, do reach out. Our pesticides are effective against all species of rodents. 

✔ Flea Control

In our Flea Control Program, we spray specially made insecticides that are sensitive for fleas to survive. Later, we clean everything and render you a flea-free home. Hence, choose us and get serviced by flea control experts. 

✔ Silverfish Control

Worried about multiplying the density of silverfishes? To learn more about the removal of silverfish colonies at your place, do hire us out. We are your very own silverfish exterminators in Fortitude Valley. Also, we give no-obligation preventive measures for free. 

✔ Pre-purchase Pest Inspection

We provide prompt and reliable pre-purchase Pest Inspections in Fortitude Valley, Australia. Moreover, our pre-purchase inspections will help you in calculating the real value of the place. So, call us for an economical pre-purchase pest inspection now!

✔ Emergency Pest Control Services 

Searching for emergency pest control and inspection? Appoint our licensed pest control professionals on 07 2000 4287 for prompt pest control service. Furthermore, our professionals provide a 24/7 emergency pest treatment option in Fortitude Valley.

✔ Same Day Pest Control

Our same day pest control will make your property pest-free in no time. We have quick responsive customer care. We answer your calls on time and are known in Fortitude Valley for same day pest control. So, whenever in need do try us out!

Importance Of Pest Control 

Saving your residence and family against harmful pests is our priority. Check out the following mentioned importance of professional pest control.

  • Pest control includes inspecting the property to examine the extent of the pest infestations. 
  • Pest exterminators search for harbourage places and remove these pest spots. 
  • Professional pest controllers provide the right treatment at the right place. 
  • They are skilled in placing baits and refilling areas as needed.
  • Prevents future pest issues. 
  • Deliver environment-friendly pest control programs. 
  • Seal all the possible pest entry spots to your home.

Why Choose Us For Pest Control Services? 

  • 24 Hours Availability: We are serving Fortitude Valley with pest control services throughout the year. 
  • Updated Technology: Our pest controllers only use the latest and updated ways of pest treatments. Also, we make use of standard and high quality equipment only. 
  • Variety Of Pest Controls: We deliver all types of pest treatments in Fortitude Valley. You name a pest issue, we can tackle it. 
  • Licensed Staff: All of our exterminators are licensed and highly knowledgeable. Our pest controllers are fully learned in all aspects of residential pest controls. 
  • Budget-Friendly Service: We believe in charging economical prices from our clients. So, you need not stress over expensive pest treatments. 


1. After how long I can see the pest control results?

The result depends on the kind of pests at your home. Moreover, it may also depend on the products and pest control methods used. Usually, you can see pest control results after 2-3 hours of service. However, your pest technician will tell you what to expect from the service.

2. What is the difference between control by using sprays v/s baits?

Bait treatments are preferred when people do not want chemicals to be sprayed in their homes. Also, applying baits to catch pests may be a time consuming process. Whereas, sprays are a fast and reliable treatment against pest control.

3. Are bed bugs infest just in beds? 

No, bed bugs mostly reside in beds but not all of them. You may have some in your sofas, chairs, electrical outlets and wooden baseboards, etc. In simpler words, bed bugs can make infestations anywhere they wish to.

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