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Want Professional Help To Get Rid Of All The Pests? Recruit Pest Control Experts From Us

Henry Pest Control is a well-established pest control service providing company. We work to save our customers from pests and the diseases that they spread. Moreover, we do not want our customers to face a lot of troubles of property destruction because of pests. 

We assure you that we do not only eliminate all kinds of pests from your house. But we also get to the root of the problem and destroy the reason for the pest infestation. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about our service’s quality. Because we have a-one staff member to help you. You can ping us on 07 2000 4287. 

Here Are Some Tips And Tricks To Help You Prevent Your House From Pest Infestation

  • Keep your house clean: Keeping your house clean will keep the pests away from your house. Because they only live in dirty places. 
  • Do Not Leave Water Standing: A humid environment attracts a lot of pests in your house. They love to live in a damp area. Therefore, you should ensure that there is no leakage in your house. 
  • Use tight lid containers: All pests need to survive is food. Therefore, you should make sure that you keep your food supplies in a container that has a tight lid.
  • Keep your toilet clean: Pests thrive to live in dirty and damp places. And bathrooms have both of the qualities for pests to camp in. Therefore, you should make sure that your bathroom is clean at all times.

We Have A Good Range Of Pest Control Treatments To Deliver Our Customers

Mosquito pest control

Everybody knows that summer is the season of almost all kinds of pests. Most of them have to deal with our mosquitos. Especially in monsoon, there are uncountable of them spreading dangerous germs in your house. Hence, we have mosquito pest control. 

Wasp pest control

Do you know that a wasp sting can kill a hyper allergic person on the spot? Even if you are not allergic to them, there can be severe venomous toxins in the wasp’s sting that can affect you. Therefore, we deliver wasp pest control services.

Woodworm treatments

Woodworms can be very destructive to your house. They can ruin your wooden belongings. And we all know how expensive wood can be right! But do not worry you can save your bucks with our affordable woodworm treatments. 

Fly pest control

Do you want to spend your summer vacation trying to get rid of flies from your home? No right! You do not have to do any of this. If you recruit our professional pest controllers for the fly pest control treatment. So, reach out to us now. 

Flying Termite control

Termites can damage the whole structure of your house. Moreover, most people spend a good amount of their salary to repair termite damage. If you want to save your income for a good reason then termite damage. Then recruit us for flying termite control services. 

Cockroach removal

Cockroaches eat your food whenever they get the chance. And then you eat the contaminated food and end up having a lot of infectious bacterias in your body. However, cockroach removal can help you get rid of them and save you a doctor’s visit. 

Spider removal

Do you know that you eat around 6 spiders every year without knowing? This happens because they are very small and they are everywhere in your house. You will be happy to know that we also deliver spider removal to eliminate them.

Domestic pest control

If your house is prone to pest infestations. Then do not worry because we deliver routine domestic pest control services. It is possible that your house has many pests invading places. You can call us for help.

Restaurant pest control

Nobody will eat from a restaurant that has a lot of pests roaming here and there. Moreover, your customers can even get sick from eating at your restaurant. This can be very bad for your reputation in the market. To prevent you from this we deliver restaurant pest control. 

Tick extermination

If you have a lot of ticks in your house, then you have to call a professional for tick extermination if you do not want your belongings ruined. But you can call us whenever you feel for tick extermination at a very affordable amount. 

Moth pest control

Although moths do look like butterflies. But they are not at all pleasant when they are around. Because they can not only spread a lot of bacterias around your house but they can also sting you very badly. Let us help you with our moth pest control services. 

Bee pest control

Many people have a severe allergy to bees but they are not diagnosed. Even people who do not have allergies suffer from problems like skin irritation, inflammation, big rashes, wound formation when they get stung by bees. Therefore, we deliver bee pest control services. 

Rodent control

Rodents are the most disgusting and most dangerous pests. They can make you very sick. Moreover, you can even die from the diseases spread by rodents. Hence, you need to call us when you inspect a rodent infestation in your house.

Flea control 

Fleas can also be dangerous for you. They are great transmitters of infectious germs and bacterias. Moreover, they can not only harm humans but they can also be very harmful to your pets. You got to get rid of them. If not for you then for your pets, call us for flea control. 

Silverfish control

Silverfish are the most scary-looking pests. They can give you chills. Moreover, forget about you, they can destroy your favorite books and photographs. However, you can protect your novels with the help of our silverfish control services.

Pre-purchase pest inspection

You should never buy a property without having a pest inspection first. This will help you in getting a fair price for your property. As well as it will let you prepare for future problems. Moreover, we have a very low-cost price for a pre-purchase pest inspection. 

Emergency pest control services

Whenever you need a professional to help you out. You can rely on us. We deliver emergency pest control services to make sure that we are there for our customers when they need us the most. So, you can depend on us in emergencies.

Same day pest control

We also deliver same-day pest control services for the times when you have forgotten to book an appointment or when you need us urgently. Now, we are just a phone call away. Call us and enjoy our premium-quality pest control services.

We Are The Most Affordable Pest Control Service Providers Of Burleigh Heads

The services that Henry Pest Control delivers are very affordable. The main objective of our company is to help out the people of Burleigh Heads. Therefore, we make sure that our customers can easily pay for our services without any need for a bargain. Moreover, being a reliable company for many years, we want to maintain our goodwill in the market. Therefore, we make sure that our services are available to our customers at honest prices. So, what is better than premium-quality services that too at economical prices.

Why Should You Choose Our Pest Control Professionals?

There are many benefits that you can enjoy if you choose our pest control professionals. Let’s know more about these benefits.

  • Always Accessible Services: You have access to our services each hour and every day. That is right you can enjoy our services 24hr and every single day.
  • Expert Pest Controllers: Our team is experts in all types of pest control services. They are well-trained and well-literate in this field. 
  • Amazing Services: You do not have to worry about the quality of our services. Because of our professional pest controllers, we deliver quality services.
  • Latest Technology: We only use the latest equipment to make sure that we work efficiently. This also assures the complete elimination of pests. 
  • Exclusive Discounts: Last but not the least, apart from our economical service prices. We also offer special discounts to our customers occasionally. 


1. Why Should I Appoint Professional Pest Controllers When I Can Do The Job Myself?

Professional pest controllers do not only eliminate pests from your house. They also get rid of the source of these pest infestations. This prevents your house from pests for a longer period of time. 

2. Do DIY Methods Work In Eliminating The Pests? 

DIY methods are not enough to kill the pests. They can only work as a pest repellent too for a certain type of pest. However, this will not get rid of the pests that have already invaded your house.

3. Are Your Products Harmful To My Children?

No, we only use environmentally-friendly products. They are not at all harmful for your children or even your pets. This is because we use simple natural ingredients to create pesticides. Therefore, our organic products are harmless.

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