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Henry Pest Control is a leading pest control service providing agency in and around Ascot. We have the best quality pest control services in the whole area. Being a people’s company, we deliver all our services at a very reasonable price. We have always been working to please our customers and deliver them the services that they desire. 

Our employees are all professionals and are very dedicated to their work. This is why we efficiently deliver all kinds of pest control services. So, now you can easily get a pest control service whenever you need it. You can give us a call on 07 2000 4287 if you want our clients to do the job.

The Diverse Range Of Professional Pest Control Services That Henry Control Provide Its Customers

There are various kinds of pests that invade your house. Eliminating all of them is very necessary for various reasons. Therefore, to protect your house and your health from these pests. We deliver a wide range of pest control treatments. Here are a few of our specialties.

Mosquito pest control

Worried about mosquitos giving you diseases like dengue or malaria? Then what are you waiting for when you can eliminate all your worries by eliminating all the mosquitos from your house? All you have to do is to call us and we will get rid of them for you. 

Wasp pest control

Wasp can create a lot of nuisance once they enter your house. Right? Moreover, they can even sting you which can be very painful. Not only that their sting is painful but their sting can also be very harmful to you. So, do not wait and call us for the wasp control.

Woodworm treatments

Do you find holes in your wooden furniture lately? Or wood dust near your wooden furniture? This can be a very big sign of woodworm infestation. These woodworms can ruin your furniture if you ignore these signs. Therefore, we deliver woodworm treatments.

Fly pest control

Why are you letting flies contaminate your food? Do you know that flies excrete your food when they sit on it? You do not have to deal with all this stuff because now you have us to deal with it for you at a reasonable price with our fly pest control services. 

Flying Termite control

Flying termite control is not in your house for just visiting purposes. They are for shifting purposes. Flying termites only hover around places in search of an appropriate environment to form their colony. You can stop them on time by our flying termite control.

Cockroach removal

Cockroaches are able to breed at least one capsule every week. Each capsule consists of thirty to forty baby roaches. Imagine a house full of baby roaches? Feels like a nightmare right! You can get away from this nightmare with our cockroach removal.

Spider removal

We can also remove spiders from your house. Now you will never have those tiny little heart attacks when you see a spider in your shower. Because we will make sure that your house does not have any spider after our spider removal treatment. 

Domestic pest control

Lets our pest control professionals be the savior of your house and your health. Give us the opportunity to remove all the pests from your house and give you a safe and healthy environment to live in. Call us now for the best domestic pest control services. 

Restaurant pest control

Restaurants should also have a regular pest inspection every now and then. Restaurants are most likely to be invaded by these little monsters because they have a lot of food for the pests. We can save you from all of them by our restaurant pest control.

Tick extermination

We can eliminate all the ticks from your house with our tick extermination treatment. Now you will not have to find holes in your expensive clothes. Because after our treatment there will be no ticks in your house. Reach out to us now for speedy services.

Moth pest control

Moths seem to be harmless but they are not. Instead of learning it the hard way, you should contact us if you have a lot of them in your house. We will eradicate all of them from your house with our moth pest control treatments. Contact us now. 

Bee pest control

People are scared of bees mainly because they are aware that bee sting can cause many health issues. Some of them can require immediate doctor’s assistance. We want our customers to remain healthy and safe. Therefore, we have bee pest control as well.

Rodent control

If you want to live a long life without any deadly virus then you should make sure that there are no rodents in your house. Rodents are the transmitters of the most vicious and deadly diseases. They are very unsanitary. Get our professionals for rodent control.

Flea control 

Do you know that those tiny fleas can spread a lot of infectious germs and bacterias in your house? Yes, they can be a reason for your sudden stomach issues. Moreover, they are even the worst for your pets. However, we can exterminate them with flea control. 

Silverfish control

You can never catch a silverfish because they get away from you in a blink. Not only that they are very scary but they can ruin all the fabrics in your house. From your photographs to your favorite novels. You can prevent them with no silverfish control. 

Pre-purchase pest inspection

Never make the mistake of purchasing a property without a pest inspection. If it seems cheap before then it can cost you a lot later. Therefore, a pest inspection is very important before you buy any property. We have pre-purchase pest inspection services.

Emergency pest control services

You can depend on our professional pest controllers whenever there is a pest-related emergency. We want our customers to know that we will always be available for them. You can find about a pest infestation at any time. Call us for emergency pest control service.

Same day pest control

If you are looking for flexible pest control, then you should know that we can be as flexible as our clients want us to be. We want to make you feel as comfortable as possible. We have same-day pest control services so call us now for same-day booking.

We Also Offer End of Lease Pest Elimination Services 

If you are planning to shift your house then you must be looking for a professional pest control service providing agency. Today is your good day because now you do not have to worry about that. Henry Pest Control delivers the finest end-of-lease pest elimination services. We have a big team of pest control professionals who work together to deliver high-speed services. Now your landlord will have no complaint from you because we will do our job with full efficiency. So, give us a call now and get relief from your misery. 

By Recruiting Our Professional Pest Controllers You Will End Up With A Lot Of Benefits

We have a lot of benefits for you on our plate. We have been working with our optimum efficiency to make our customers fully satisfied with our pest control services. Therefore, we have a huge list of benefits that we offer our clients for choosing us.

  • All Time Pest Control Services: If you choose our pest control then you can get all-time pest control services. You will never have to worry because we will be there for you even in the middle of the night.
  • On-Time Pest Control Services: Not only are we available at your service all the time but we also deliver our services on-time without any delay. Wasting our, as well as our client’s time, is not good for both of us. 
  • Reasonable Pest Control Services: To let our customers enjoy our services the most, we deliver them at affordable rates. We have honest prices for our services. We do not believe in deceiving our customers. 
  • Best Pest Control Services: We always maintain the quality of the services that we deliver. We never want our customers to regret recruiting us. 


1. Does Your Pest Controllers Have A License? 

Yes, we have a team of professionals. They have the necessary training and education in this industry. They are certified and licensed to work in this field. Therefore, they always maintain the finest quality of our pest control services. 

2. What Kind Of Pest Elimination Products Do You Use?

All the products that we use are made up of natural ingredients. We avoid using harsh chemicals in our products. Because we know that our customers can have very bad health effects from strong chemicals. Therefore, we use organic products.

3. How To Avoid Pest Infestations? 

If you want to prevent your house from pest infestations then you should keep your house clean and make sure that the environment in your house is not humid. As well as have routine pest inspections to keep them away.

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