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Pests are really bad for your home as they damage your support structures, and spread infectious diseases. For generations, however, controlling their populations in urban centres, and eradicating them completely has been a challenge, impossible to achieve. Well, that has certainly changed now, with Henry Pest Control bringing you the very best service options in Pest Control Arundel. We hire only the most trusted and reliable service experts who have gained considerable local renown, along with sufficient experience, plying their trade throughout the last decade.

Pest Treatment Types That We Follow

At Henry Pest Control solutions, you can book our Pest Control Arundel team for a preliminary inspection of your estate to look for any visible indications of a pest infestation. We will provide you with a detailed service estimate with no hidden costs.

When it comes to Pest Control Service Options, there are two main types of pest control methods followed. These are listed and described herewith.

Physical Pest Control Methods

Using electric or mechanical traps is the most common way of using physical pest control. However, in some cases, physical partitions of wood or concrete can be used to block off infested areas from the rest of the estate.

Chemical Pest Control Methods

Chemical sprays and reagents are very efficient at getting rid of pests fast. However, they are toxic and non-biodegradable. They can also be used as baits for pestilent animals and insects.

Affordable Pest Control & Extermination Services We Provide To Get You Rid Of Pests

Our services are multi-faceted and varied, to suit any problem that you might face from a pest infestation in your household.

The Most Notable of Them Are Enumerated Below.

❋ Mosquito Pest Control

Window meshes, repellent sprays and Larvae-feeding fish are the most effective solutions.

❋ Wasp Pest Control

We have team of pest controllers for wasps and their nest removal.

❋ Rodent Control

We have the best rodent controllers in team to reach your places and solve rodent issues.

❋ Silverfish Control

Cedar leaves, specific poisons, and dry bay leaves can get rid of silverfish.

❋ Spider Removal

We use natural solutions like lavender, rose, peppermint oil, etc.

❋ Fly Pest Control

Physical traps like electrical meshing kill them, alongside biotic agents like Venus flytraps.

❋ Bee Pest Control

We relocate bees to beekeeping farms, instead of killing them inhumanely.

❋ Flying Termite Control

Cedar, or rubber mulch, along with boric acid is the arch-nemesis of most termite species.

❋ Tick Extermination

Use tick sprays on your pets to stop ticks in their tracks.

❋ Cockroach Removal

Boric Acid is a worthy alternative to roach sprays for killing them.

Some Additional Services We Provide

❋ Domestic Pest Control

If you want to secure your household, and remove any chances of pest infestation in future, Pest Control Arundel solutions will do the job for you.

❋ Woodworm treatments

While woodworm sprays are the ultimate answer, vinegar will kill the worms in their larval stage.

❋ Restaurant Pest Control

Pest problems in restaurants are a challenge that we face and overcome regularly.

❋ Moth Pest Control

We use natural predators like wall lizards to kill them.

❋ Flea Control

Vacuuming works amazingly, alongside sprays and foggers.

Though these given solutions might be effective for some time but to permanently get rid of all kinds of pests and to skip doing these experiments, you can hire our team

What We Have Different From Others As Pest Controllers?

❋ Pre-purchase Pest Inspection

Our Pest Control Arundel teams at Henry Pest Control allow you to purchase pre-service inspections at minimal rates.

Emergency Pest Control Services

Our emergency teams are available for service 24*7, 365 days

❋ Same Day Pest Control

We strive to reach your estate for service within 24 hours of getting a call.

Timely and Efficient Pest Services

A good logistics team ensures that our Pest Control Arundel experts at Henrys Pest Control The time between a call and our arrival is usually within 24 hours.

Our services are cheap and highly affordable so that you do not have to burn a hole in your pocket to get world-class services for your home.

Our team for Pest Control Arundel can provide you with the most efficient and reliable services in a punctual and responsible manner.

Why Should You Hire Us For All Your Pest Control Needs?

  • Get Well-trained and Experienced personnel
  • Locally Renowned Reliability In Service
  • Seamless Service Records and Best Service Equipment
  • 24*7 availability throughout the year.


1. Is post-service cleaning needed?

The usual answer would be negative, although it depends on the specific service being meted out. The odours remaining will have to be flushed out nevertheless.

2. In how much time do we see the effects?

Most services have immediate effects. But this varies with different service methods. Our service warranty covers post-service checks to judge the effectiveness of the job done.

3. Why baits and not sprays?

Baits are far safer than sprays but lack as much efficiency. Baits are used where sprays can be hazardous for the residents.

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