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Pests are like a nightmare for everyone? Once your eyes catch the view of flying termites, cockroaches flying here and there, and finally experience some itchy bites in bed with red swelling on the skin, your mind strikes of pests infestation. Here at Henry Pest Control, our team for Pest Control Jimboomba is a one-stop solution for all problems related to pests. So if you are looking for a safe, reliable, and reputed pest control service, you have stepped into the right place where you will be attended to responsibly. 

Pest Control Jimboomba

Pre-purchase Pest Inspection for your home:

Pre-purchase pest inspection reduces the chances of risk. It is important for negotiating the price of the property. It covers the whole property that includes building, roof surface,  fixtures, water drainage, surface, finishing, fittings, and small protecting walls. The professional pest inspection company will help you with the report that will indicate the kind of defects, the examination of building analysis. It also indicates the cause of issues & guidance on fixing them. Pre-purchase pest inspection offers assured safety and helps in identifying pest issues beforehand.

End of Lease Pest Elimination Services:

End of Lease is essential for both landlord and tenant. If the rental lease agreement states that getting the pest treatment is the tenant’s responsibility then the tenant needs to look after it. If it is neglected then the tenant can lose some or all rental bonds. The landlord should make sure the property is free of pests to rent it to another tenant. It avoids further property damages. Henry Pest Control offers excellent end-of-lease pest elimination services with skilled team support.

Why Choose Us For Pest Control Jimboomba Service?

Henry Pest Control is fast and effective in its techniques of treating pests. We offer a wide range of pest control services for industrial, commercial, and residential spaces in Jimboomba. Our pest control services operate right from inspection to the treatment of pests. We are super reasonable price-wise and guarantee you a satisfied pest control service year-round. We operate in Jimboomba and surrounding suburbs. We are here to offer you a pest-free life year long. We bag the various kinds of pests quickly like various species of spiders, ants, termites, and cockroaches. Next, the problematic rodents, fleas, ticks, silverfish, fleas, and moths are also on our list.

  • Fully insured & licensed pest control service provider. 
  • Proficient pest technicians in Jimboomba. 
  • Highly reasonable. 
  • Practices ecologically-friendly pest treatment processes. 
  • Free consultation & quotations.
  • Quick action with same-day working policy. 
  • Precise and Prompt.  
  • Upfront pricing excluding hidden charges. 
  • Commendable customer service.
  • Client-friendly service.

Exceptional Services of Henry Pest Control:

Our team for Pest Control Jimboomba is highly versatile in its services. Check out our prominent field of expertise in treating pests. Next, let us know which pests are making it hard for you to relax. Also, reach us anytime for your desired property to take the pests off right now. 

Same Day Pest Control

Our team for Pest Control Jimboomba starts its operations on the same day of booking appointments. We care for you so why holdup in offering you a pest-free presence.

Emergency Pest Control Services

The pest infestation can grow risky anytime. Our emergency pest control services are deliverable round the clock. You can also appoint us on weekends and public holidays.

Pre-purchase pest inspection

Our pre-purchase pest inspection service is super affordable. You can appoint us for any Jimboomba locality.

Domestic pest control

We are highly efficient in delivering timely domestic pest control actions. Our professionals are serving the entire domestic locality of Jimboomba. 

Restaurant pest control

As many people arrive from outside, food is also cooked in restaurants, and the accumulated dirt is also not less. We will clean all pests with our best restaurant pest control duties. 

Mosquito pest control

Our mosquito pest control actions will protect your family from itchy bites. We guarantee you the mosquito-free day and night at super affordable rates.

Wasp pest control

Wasp may not cause every health ailment but can leave a poisonous bite on you and cause irritation. Our Wasp pest control actions are available round the clock. 

Woodworm treatments

Woodworms are likely to spoil the building structure and wooden furniture. We have the safest and best solutions to work on the tough woodworms. 

Fly pest control

Flies tend to settle on dirt, your clean belongings, and food, spoiling the hygiene and freshness that lead to disease. We perform the Fly pest control actions for both residential, and commercial areas. 

Flying termite control

Flying termites indicate that the colony is nearby. Contact the pest control Jimboomba team to perform the fastest flying termite control service.

Cockroach removal

Once you observe the cockroaches roaming in your bedroom, kitchen sink, near garbage disposal, or bathrooms, ring us. We will remove cockroaches with the best techniques & pesticides. 

Spider removal

Our spider removal service will protect you from spider bites. Also, your property will gain a pleasant look again with no spider webs on walls corner around. 

Tick extermination

Ticks settle on your pets from the garden when they come in contact with the external environment. We will get these ticks out of your home with our superior tick extermination aid. 

Moth pest control

Moths are pests with wings. Their size depends upon their species. Moths make space on clothes, belonging, food items, etc. The moth pest control we offer is highly reliable. 

Bee pest control

Bees are the kind of pests that don’t risk your life but cause irritation to a higher level and leave itchy bites. You can ring us anytime, in emergencies for bee pest control. 

Rodent Control

Rodents bring huge destruction to food, apparel, and common. Trying the DIY like rat kill may prove fatal. Call out for our rodent control action right away. 

Flea Control

Fleas get easily transferred once your pet is out and gets in fleas, causing the flea infestation. Treating fleas is our one-time process with our productive flea control service. 

Silverfish Control

Where detecting the silverfish is not possible for a homeowner. We will detect the hard-to-find silverfish and deliver credible silverfish control duties.

About Henry Pest Control:

Have you just observed a cockroach crawling towards your bedroom or kitchen? Bedbugs have disturbed your comfort? Or termites are destroying your luxury furniture? All your pest problem solutions are under one roof of Henry Pest Control. We have the best equipment and technique standards for treating any kind of pests. Reach us on 07 3050 0867 and get super satisfactory pest control services. Simply take a mess of treating pests away with our best pests services in the industry.

Best Pest Control Jimboomba


1. After initial pest treatment how long it takes to display results? 

In most cases, the result is quick and long-lasting. Also, the result of the pest treatment performed depends upon the strategy used and the kind of insect or pest targeted.

2. Can we use the bed immediately after bed bug action is performed? 

As a professional, we highly recommend you to wash the sheets. It will remove the droppings of the bed bugs and endure you a safe space to sleep and rest.

3. How can I prevent pests? 

You can follow various tips to avoid pests formation. Keep your home clean, store food in a tight container, seal the garbage, eliminate clutter, and try to inspect the source of steady water.

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