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Protecting your family members and home from the pest is the topmost priority of our team for Pest Control Burleigh Waters. Your home is your favourite place. Henry Pest Control understands your feelings attached to your home so we will help you in removing these unwanted visitors from your place. We will give you a pest-free home with peace of mind. After your appointment with us, we will make sure that you are buying expertise with guaranteed results in pest control by our company. Thus, we are good at providing you with the safe, effective, and fastest solution to your pests and nasty creepy insect issues.

pest control burleigh waters

The detailed working of our pest control Service

1.Deep examination: The first step is the deep checking of the pest affected areas of your property.

2. Identifying the pest: This is a very important step to do because if the identification is not done correctly then the cost and time will be at loss.

3. Useful methods of treating pests: Our team will suggest the most suitable plans and their implementation after your consent.

4. Inspection at the end: Once the process is completed, the areas will again be scanned by our staff. They will leave your place by keeping it clean.

Specific Pest control services offered by our company

✔ For mosquitoes Control

Mosquitoes are one of the main reasons to cause discomfort in your peaceful life.  Do not let them disturb your peace of mind by contacting us for their removal. We are available at any time of the year.

✔ Pest control for wasp

We will help you in the complete removal of the wasps without disturbing their nest.  We can perform this process during the night, as dealing with them at this time is quite easy. Book us quickly for the effective wasp nest removal. 

✔ Remedies for woodworm

Woodwarm is responsible for making small holes of flicker in the wood. They can do a lot of damage to your wooden articles. The best solution is to contact us and we will assist you in treating them as soon as possible.

✔ Elimination process for flies

Fly infestation in or around your home is a matter of concern. They can spread many diseases among family members. Book our very effective fly control plans to get rid of them.

✔ The control on flying termites

 Flying termites can go on for years with their infestation until you notice a change in the cracks or collapse of the building’s wood. We will check about the termites first and then will suggest to you the best removal plan at your convenience.

✔ Removing cockroaches

Cockroaches are a nuisance in your kitchen or anywhere in your home. We provide a treatment plan of action for American cockroaches, Australian cockroaches, and German cockroaches. We control them by using our latest techniques. We safeguard you and your family from any future return of the cockroaches. 

✔ Uprooting spiders

Spiders are very unhygienic pests. They are very hard to get rid of as their webs are invisible. So, to deal with them you can hire us. We have specialized spider pest control services.

✔ Residential pest control

 Are you planning to protect your home from unwanted pests? We can administer the right treatment after the inspection of your place. Connect with us now for the most suitable pest control plan and in the future.

✔ Pest control in a restaurant

Take the benefit of our best restaurant pest control plans. We have several types of ideas for treating pests in restaurants. Our skilled professionals will always be available for the 24/7 demand of our clients. Book us now to enjoy our services!

✔ Treatment plans for ticks

Ticks are attracted to your four-legged friends, and they can move between humans and them. If you are spending time outdoors, then getting ticks is very common.  For that reason contact us for the most effective tick treatment.

✔  Moth Pest Control

Moths will look like a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing. They may seem harmless, but in reality, they can cause financial and health damage to you. Our company provides you with moth removal services at nominal rates. 

✔ Bees pest control

The infestation of bees can damage your home. They make their hives under window panels. We will treat the bees by keeping care of the environment in our mind. The sting of bees is really painful, so do not take any risk of removing them by yourself.

 Rodent control

Rodent control is one of the major issues for many homeowners. We have a multi-step approach for the removal of rodents. You can connect with our team to make your home rodent-proof.

 ✔ Flea Control

Fleas can cause both irritation and disease. If you notice your pets scratching continuously, then they are suffering from the allergy of fleas. Our company will provide both indoor and outdoor treatment for the flea-affected areas of your home.

✔ Preventing the silverfish

You can encounter these pests in any weather. They can ruin the valuable items of your home such as pictures, papers, and books, etc. We are trained to manage silverfish. Since every home is different so our technician will design a unique program as per your needs.

✔ Same day pest control solution

Our professionals will implement a well-customized pest control plan based on the findings of your area. We design each plan according to the requirement of any particular home and needs. Take your phone and call us! Our technician will arrive on the same day.

 ✔ Services for pre-purchase pest examination

We offer a full detailed pest inspection in your area. The pre-purchase pest treatment plan is completed by our professionals and accredited technicians. They have the latest tools and techniques to correct your problems. Book us now for the complete removal of pests from your home.

✔ Emergency pest control

Our company will be available for any of your emergency pest issues. Our professionals will help you in creating a bug or rodent problems as soon as possible. They will also discover whether the infestation of the pest is massive or not. If you have any requirement for emergency pest control then do not wait anymore. Book us now and we will serve you now!

How hiring our pest control services will benefit you?

  • Exact pest identification and treatment:  We will give you the correct pest identification so that your pest problem will get solutions. Each professional exterminator has a keen understanding of the pests.
  • Environment-friendly pest control: Keeping the safety of your family, and pets we make sure to provide you with the best eco-friendly services by using natural methods of eliminating pests.
  • Inexpensive Pest Control Services: Apart from our different pest control services. We offer some basic services at affordable rates. We will treat your home with non-allergic, and environmentally friendly products.
  • Years of experience: We are experienced in this field of pest control. We share a special bond with our old customers. You can also share the same by connecting with us.
  • Certified pest control:  Hire our certified trained pest exterminators as our workers. They are knowledgeable about all the required needs of every individual home pest issue.
  • Pest control at weekend: We understand the value of your time so are also available during the weekends or holidays. You can avail of our services 24/7 with the best pest control programs.

Know more about our pest control team:

You can count on Henry Pest Control to see you not only through, but beyond the pest control process. Whether you want pest control for your old home or your new home, we will provide you with reliable, trustworthy, pest control professionals who will get the work done. You can be assured of individual attention on all your pests or insect issues. So if you have any questions to ask from us then we are keeping an open line of communication. The main focus of our mind is to provide quality and the best services to our customers. Book your consultation with us now at 07 2000 4287.


1. Is pest control safe for my family, and pets?

This query must be answered by your pest control team. You can make them sure about this thing that your priority is the safety of your family, kids, and pets. You can ask them for some meeting sessions to make you understand the use of tools and techniques for the treatment and prevention of pests at your home. 

2. Is it right to ask for the license, bond, and insurance?

Yes! It is completely right to ask such a question from your pest controlling company. A pest control license is very essential for each pest controlling agency. You must check the bond of the company that you are hiring for pests issues. So that they can compensate you for any damages if needed. You can also contact the pesticides agency of your state to collect information about the pesticide certification. 

3. Can you remove dead rats from the roof?

Yes, we can remove dead rats from the roof. We have a rodent control team that is available for killing rats and removing the dead rats.

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