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Pests are of four different types. They include insects, animals, rodents and mites. A pest is an animal or living thing harmful for humans and other animals. A pest basically searches for food and comfort. Therefore they infest your homes, offices and other places. Our team of Pest control Bli Bli offers prime pest control service. We ensure to help you with pests at your home. Henry Pest Control gets rid of unwanted pests by exterminating them. 

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Pest control tips and tricks 

Go through our list of pest control tips and tricks 

  1. Maintain your home – Firstly, keep your kitchen and bathroom clean. Sanitize and mop everyday. 
  2. Manage your garden – Soil is a home for pests. Therefore, manage the plants using pesticides. Also keep changing the soil. 
  3. Limit external things at home – Keep things like shoes, wet buckets outside the home. 
  4. Discard garbage – Dispose garbage on time. They attract flies. Thus, it attracts more pests into the home. 
  5. Clean storage room – Clean your storage room timely. Eliminate damaged furniture and cardboard out of the home. 

Services we tend to offer 

Here are the services we provide to our customers  

Fly pest control

We provide speedy and fast fly control services in Bli Bli.

Wasp pest control

Wasps are quite dangerous. Don’t wait and call us soon to get rid of them.  

Woodworm treatments

Wood Worms feed on wood and paper. Contact us before they damage your home.

Mosquito pest control

Mosquitoes cause deadly diseases like dengue. Call a local pest control before they increase in number. 

Cockroach removal

Cockroaches contaminate food and leave behind their droppings. This is not a pleasant situation.

Fly pest control

Flies like house flies are very filthy. They carry viruses around. 

Flying Termite control

Termites can damage your wood in no time. Contact us as soon as you suspect a termite infestation. 

Spider removal

Spiders can sometimes be deadly. Their bites have bad consequences. 

Silverfish control

We provide speedy pest control services. Call us for a silverfish inspection. 

Tick extermination

Ticks are a bad situation for your pests. Don’t delay and get it treated immediately. 

Moth pest control

Moths will chew on fabrics. Therefore it is wise to do a moth control every 6 months. 

Restaurant pest control service

Restaurant premises need to be taken care of. Thus, choose us to help you keep your premises clean. 

Bee pest control

Bees are stinging pests. They can attack your home. 

Rodent control

Rodents are nothing but mice and rats. We know they cause extreme situations at home.

Domestic pest control

We provide affordable and efficient domestic pest control services. 

Emergency pest control service 

Henry Pest Control is a leading company in the field of pest control service. Furthermore, we provide effective solutions to the pests. Contact us for emergency pest control services in Bli Bli. Depending on the pest we are dealing with. We will treat the pests accordingly. Therefore, don’t wait and call our customer care service right away. Our line is open 24*7. Our services are affordable and reliable. We promise to give a professional pest control experience to you. 

Why Our Reputed Pest Control Bli Bli Service 

  1. Experience – We have been working for 20 years now. Our team of Pest control Bli Bli has been serving homes dedicatedly. With experience we have also gained knowledge. Also we understand what our customers need. 
  2. Certified staff – Our company hires staff who are certified professionally. Verified members always have experience and training. Thus, our team is capable of providing you a great service. 
  3. Affordable quotes – Our services are cost efficient. We work towards keeping our customers satisfied. Therefore, you need not worry about expenses anymore. 
  4. Great customer service – Our customer care is friendly and understanding. That is their job. To understand the customers’ needs. 
  5. Eco-friendly pesticides – This is a common request from our customers. So we decided to just use non toxic chemicals. Therefore, it will cause no harm to your kids and family. 


1. Do I need to keep my pets away during pest control ? 

Yes, it is advised to keep your pests away during pest control. The team will work according to the pests at home. And the presence of pests might agitate the pets at your home. So, it’s better to keep him/her in a different place for a while.

2. What I look for while finding a good pest control service? 

Firstly, get to know how experienced the company is. Look for customer reviews. Contact the customer care and observe how they deal with the situations. Make sure the services are just affordable. Also don’t fall into prey for expensive services. Thus, ask the team to give you information about the chemicals used.

3. What should I do before the pest control team visits my home? 

Well you don’t have to do much. Firstly, make sure your kitchen is clean. Secondly, dispose of all the garbage. Remove all excess cardboards and other things you don’t need. The team will handle the rest of the things.

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