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Want to get rid of all the pests from your house? Hire our agency, Henry Pest Control. We are the no.1 pest control service providers in Benowa. Our agency is very popular in this town and offers excellent pest control services in all parts of Benowa. We have been working in this field for many years. And with years of experience as a Pest Control Benowa team, we are considered to be among the top pest controllers in the pest control industry. We know all the methods and techniques of pest removal. Our pest controllers have excellent skills and proper knowledge to provide the services. So, book with us as we are the best.

Importance of getting pest control by professionals

Pests are really a headache whenever they infest your house. They damage your property as well as cause serious diseases in humans as well as pets. Getting rid of them is not at all an easy job. It requires proper knowledge, tools, and products to get rid of them. Hiring professionals is the best way to lead a pest-free, healthy life. Also, professional pest control services save a lot of the money that you invest in buying pest repellents and other costly products, all in vain. Hence, it is necessary to hire professionals for getting rid of pests.

What do we do to control pests in Benowa?

We at Henry Pest Control offer all kinds of pest control services in Benowa. Our agency is known to provide a number of pest control services across Benowa. We are a one-stop solution for all your pest control needs.

Wasp control

Wasps are usually found around houses located in woods or plants. They are usually harmless but it is better to get rid of them as their continuous buzzing and hovering around can cause a lot of disturbance. Hire our professionals they provide excellent wasp removals services.

Rat control

One of the most common pests that infest your house are rats. Rats are the pests that are usually found in the kitchen and attics. They cause serious diseases. So, hire our rat removal specialists and get rid of them immediately.

Cockroach Control

Want to get rid of nasty cockroaches from your house? Our professionals are here to help you. We provide amazing cockroach extermination services in all parts of Benowa. 

Spider control

Although a few species of spiders are harmless, you don’t want to take a risk with spiders crawling all over your ceiling and making webs. Spider webs on the other hand can be very dangerous for your kids as well as cause serious breathing problems. Hire us to get spider extermination services right away.

Fly control

We at Henry Pest Control provide excellent fly control services. Our professionals are always ready with their equipment to get rid of flies from your place. Call us whenever you are in need of fly control. We are just a call away.

Termite Control

Termites are tiny insects that feed on cellulose, wood, and starchy materials. So, they cause damage to your property and furniture to a huge extent. Get rid of them immediately with the help of our professional pest controllers.

Woodworm control

want to get rid of woodworms with the help of the trained professionals? Hire our pest exterminators. They are highly qualified and trained to provide all kinds of pest extermination services. 

Tick extermination

ticks are the pests that feed on human and animal blood especially, dogs. If you notice any tiny insect in the fur of your pets, call us immediately as this can be a sign of tick infestation in your house.

Flea control

Similar to ticks, fleas feed on the blood of their host. Apart from that, they also spring which causes immense pain. It is necessary to get rid of them to avoid any kind of inconveniences. Hire us to do so.

Silverfish control

Looking for a silverfish extermination agency? Hire Henry Pest Control. We offer effective silverfish removal services in all parts of Benowa.

Moth control

Moths are not so dangerous but they can cause allergies once they infest your house. So, it is always better to remove them with the help of professionals.

Bee pest control

Bees can sting you which causes inflammation, swelling, and extreme pain. If you want to get rid of bees that are present around your house. Call us. We are just a call away.

Mosquito Control

We understand that you might face a lot of problems with mosquitoes. That is why we provide emergency mosquito control services across Benowa at affordable prices.

Same-day pest control services in Benowa

When it comes to pest control, Henry Pest Control provides the best pest control services in Benowa. We offer all kinds of pest control services on the very same day of booking. So, if you are in a hurry to exterminate pests from your house, feel free to call us. We provide same-day services that too at reasonable prices. Our professionals reach your place within an hour to provide effective pest control services. Call us today and avail of our same-day pest control services. 

Why Are We Eligible For All your Pest Control Benowa Work?

We are the no.1 pest controllers in Benowa. Our agency has been providing excellent pest control services all over Benowa for many years now. We are the most popular and reliable pest control agency in the whole pest control industry. Our professionals are extremely talented and skilled. They are well-trained, certified, licensed, and insured to provide the necessary pest control services. Apart from that, they undergo regular training in order to produce new customized pest control services for the customers. They research and develop various methods to exterminate pests. Their professionalism and friendly nature along with dedication towards their work are what makes them popular among our customers. Our aim is to satisfy our customers with our services. So, book with us right now to avail of our amazing discounts and offers on all pest control services.


1. Why is there a need for pest control?

It is necessary to get pest control to prevent insects and other harmful beings from entering your house. Pest control basically helps to keep away contaminants and helps to live in a safe and healthy environment, away from diseases. 

2. How to keep away wasps?

You can easily keep away wasps from your house with the help of peppermint oil. It is proven that wasps hate the smell of peppermint oil. You just need to mix a spoonful of peppermint oil in four parts of water and you have a wasp repellent ready for yourself.

3. What causes ant infestations?

Ants usually infest in your home in search of food. So, if there is food at your home, they are likely to infest. Even small amounts of food or crumbs can attract the ants. They are most likely to infest in the kitchen areas.

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