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Want to get rid of pests? Here is the solution for you, with our experts you can have that advantage. When it comes to your family’s health, then it becomes your priority to keep them safe. To keep them protected means keeping your home safe from these pests. Our professionals are well trained. Henry Pest Control provides you with our best services including all hygiene. For more queries you can contact our team 07 2000 4287 we are available 24*7 in your service.

Monthly pest control is necessary?

Monthly pest control is necessary because it keeps your family safe. Pest like rodents can leave their skin on your floor and your younger ones can get in contact with them. To keep you healthy it’s important to clear all the pests from your house, they can also inject your food which can also cause you diseases. Our team of Pest Control East Brisbane can make your home more healthy. We have certified chemicals that will not harm your pets and younger ones.

Our Exclusive Pest Control Services

Mosquito pest control

Mosquito is one of the common names you will listen to, but this common pest is a bloodsucker that causes diseases like dengue. So if you want to get rid of your mosquito don’t wait, call us now.

☑ Wasp pest control

These flying pests are usually seen on sunny and humid days. They are very dangerous to your health. They exactly look like bees but they are more aggressive. So, if you want a wasp-free home give us a call.

Woodworm treatments

This is a wood-eating pest that destroys your timber. So it’s really important to clean your woods before they get completely damaged. We are here to help you with this problem, you can contact us anytime.

☑ Fly pest control

They are the most infested pest. They also enter your home in quantity. So, if you want to remove all the flies from your house give us a call right now.

☑ Flying Termite control

These flying termite shows themself in the summer season. They also infect your wood flooring. To keep these flying termites away from your home you should hire our services.

Cockroach removal

Cockroaches are the most dangerous ones, because of them you can suffer from many problems like food poisoning. So if you want to get rid of cockroaches, call our expert now.

Spider removal

Spiders are not that threatening until they are poisonous. A poisonous spider can infest your entire home. So if you want a solution to this problem, we have a professional to wipe them off.

Domestic pest control

We provide you with our best services. So, if you need any services related to any of the pests you can contact us immediately.

Restaurant pest control

Our pest control services will give you regular visits to prevent pests. We will give your restaurant a new look, call us now.

Tick extermination

Tick infestation is bad news, but don’t worry we have a solution to your problem. Our pest control services will provide you with a tick-free home with certified chemicals.

Moth pest control

These mini creatures have different breeds. They are very dangerous for your clothes, they get inside them and eat the fabric. So, if you want to protect your clothes, call us now.

Bee pest control

Bees are very harmful to your skin. If your house is infested by bees don’t panic we have experts who can save you from bees.

Rodent control 

Rodents are rats, mice. They can also poison your food. Rodents also carry many diseases. So what are you waiting for to call us now to have a rodent-free home?

Flea control

They are parasites that feed on worms and other animals. When fleas are infested all over your house it’s dangerous for you. If you want a flea-free home contact us now we are available 24*7 

Silverfish control

Anyways, we do not keep food containers packed and leave raw food open in the packets which lead us to silverfish infestation. So, if you want to get rid of silverfish call our professional right now.

Pre-purchase pest inspection

Although, it’s better to have a pre-purchase inspection. The experts will visit your house to figure out which pests are giving you more trouble.

Emergency pest control services

We provide you services 24*7. Our company also has emergency pest control services. So whenever you want our service contact us.

Same day pest control

Our services are very budget-friendly. So if you have a party at your home you can approach our same-day services. Our experts will come as soon as possible.

Affordable Pest Controllers

At Henry Pest Control, we try our best to provide you with our best services. And we have an excellent team of pest controllers which provides you best results in less time. We have superb services at affordable prices. So, if you don’t want expensive services you can go for our services. Our services will help your home and buildings to get rid of pests. We have the most reliable and trustworthy services at your doorstep. 

Advantages Of Choosing Us

Pest control is a very difficult job. You cannot afford to give your home in the wrong hands. Henry Pest Control is the most trustworthy company. Here are some points you can rely on.

  • We have well-trained pest controllers. 
  • Our services are very affordable. 
  • There is also the emergence of pest control services.
  • Furthermore, all the chemicals are eco-friendly.
  • Our experts work with a license.
  • We give you 24*7 services. 
  • These are also pre-purchased pest inspection.
  • We have services for all kinds of pests.
  • Same day pest control services are also there.
  • The quality of our chemicals and equipment are excellent.

You can call our experts if you have any problem related to anything. We provide you with our best services.


1. Which season is best for pest control services?

There is not any particular season for pest control. Every pest has different climatic conditions but pest control does not depend on the season you should have it regularly in 2-3 months.

2. How long will it take to eliminate rodent infestation?

It will not take that much time to eliminate these mini creatures from your house. We have an exclusive service for rodents. Our rodent control services will completely clean the infestation from your house.

3. Why is pest control important?

Pest control is important because it keeps your environment healthy. It helps your family to stay fit. Pest control should be done within 3 months regularly. 

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